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    Default TV stars and their cool gadgets

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    Whether it’s a new phone, digital camera or any new video game… television stars go ga-ga over all new gizmos. Some use it to stay in touch with their friends and family while most of them use it to surf different social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to get updated and keep their fans posted with latest developments. And some stars are so obsessed with their gadgets that they actually eat, breathe and live on these electronic toys.

    So we called up a few TV stars and asked them how crazy they are for gadgets. Read on…

    Ankita Lokhande:
    Well, I am not that gadget freak. But yes I do have a few gadgets like iPad, Blackberry and iPhone 4s which Sushant (Singh Rajput) has gifted me recently. I also have PlayStation 3 as I like playing games. I also have an Apple laptop where I surf social networking sites and which I can connect to my Bluetooth and iPad to play music. So I guess I have everything in my kitty and I don’t think I need anything else right now.

    Sushant Singh Rajput:
    Well… I like bikes more. But talking about gadgets, I have a Blackberry and iPhone 4s which Ankita gifted me. I use iPhone for my daily use and access Skype to talk to Ankita. I also like reading a lot so I read books on my iPad. I love playing games so I have a PlayStation 3. I always keep updating my gadgets.

    Kunwar Amar:
    I am not that gadget freak and I am the kind of person who will wait but buy the best. I am crazy for sound system, LED smart TVs and also very fond of mobiles. Right now I am using iPhone 4s. Recently I bought a Yamaha home theater and by this Diwali I am planning to buy a LED. In future I want to buy the biggest LED TV and double door fridge. I believe buying everything king size.

    Shakti Mohan:
    I am not at all gizmo freak. I don’t even like to use mobile phones. I think it’s just a waste of time. These days people are so engrossed in phones that they don’t realize what is happening around them. Now I have also cut down my internet connection. I don’t even surf on social networking sites. Currently I am using iPhone 4s only to stay connected to friends and family. Well… lastly I would say that don’t let technology take over us.

    Karan Kundra:
    I am totally a gadget freak. I have around 7 to 8 laptops. Currently, I am using iPhone 4s and Blackberry Bold and I have also ordered for Iphone 5. Well… in my Jalandhar penthouse I have house settings connected to my iPhone. With just one touch things get sorted for me. I can change my house temperature, lightings, music from my Iphone itself. Even my car settings are connected to my phone. As soon as I sit in my car, bluetooth gets connected and whichever song or video I want to play it can play via a touch. I have customized my car with sound system. So now you guys know how big a gizmo freak I am.

    Kavita Kaushik:
    I am more of a motor freak. But yes I do like buying and gifting different kinds of gadgets to my friends and family. Currently, I am using Samsung Galaxy S2 and it is very useful to me. It helps me to keep a record of my bank accounts, access my mails, memos, my meeting schedule and of course for surfing on Twitter. I also like clicking pictures as it has got a good camera. I have a Blackberry which I use it for my office work, work related phone calls and for BBM (Blackberry Messenger). I have a laptop but nowadays you can access everything from a mobile so you don’t really need it. Furthermore, I have a Sony digital camera. In future… I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and a mini robot which can do all my house work, drive my car, and handle my bank work.



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