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    Default When TV stars change profession to become computer hackers...result? A joy ride...

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    Being in the television industry is indeed a wonderful thing but we are ascertained that in the deep recesses of everyone’s mind has this idea of taking up a profession or getting indulged in something which rouses or rather satisfies the “darker instincts”. Without going overboard…we would like to ask you one question…how or what would be the feeling on becoming a hacker and entering into the secret world of your loved ones and getting enough obnoxious data to pester him or her for the life. Sounds maliciously fun…right? Well…we are not trying to pat on the back of crime but in a vein of humour talked to some of your favourite TV stars and asked them on getting a chance to become a hacker…whose computer they would get into and why? And guess what…it seems that they take a fancy to sneak peek into their respective co stars’ computers… Read on for a “binary” of a journey…

    Shakti Mohan-
    Wow! It would be Kunwar’s computer. I will look out for his personal pictures with his girlfriend and also read all his personal messages (wink wink). And Sneha (Kapoor) is a very mysterious kind of a girl, so I would want to know something about her personal life as well.

    Rithvik Dhanjani-
    Asha Negi is always happy and lucky go kind of a person. So I think her computer will hold a secret to it. Next would be Hiten sir’s (Tejwani) computer. I would want to know from where he gets so much of positivity and energy. And lastly Ankita Lokhande…she is usually sweet but has become a little jittery of late. So I will install software which will make her permanently chirpy like a bird.

    Ragini Khanna-
    I will hack into Jay’s (Soni) account and learn about his bank balance (laughs). He has never shared his financial status with me and yess… I would also want to know how many girls are hitting on him (wink). Next would be Manish Paul…he is a docile kind of a family guy but sure his computer will have secrets to all the humour which he carries.

    Gurmeet Choudhary-
    Well… I don’t know because I think it’s a bad habit and never imagined in my wildest dreams that I will hack someone’s computer. But Kratika (Sengar) keeps listening to music so I would want to see her songs collection… nothing more than that. (smiles)

    Soumya Seth-
    First of all… it’s a bad habit. But I think if get a chance to hack Shaheer’s (Sheikh) computer then I will surely check out his music collection because he has got a superb one. I would also check out his photographs as he is a good photographer

    Mohit Sehgal-
    Well…it would be Sanaya…but I know in and out about her. There are no secrets as such. So I really don’t know what I would want to know about her and if at all I want to ask something…I would just go and ask her. I would not think of hacking co star Rati Pandey’s comp as we are not that close friends. But yes I would love to know about Arjun Bijlani, stories about the girl he is dating (if any) and where he is partying tonight.

    Vivian Dsena-
    I would never do a thing like that because it’s someone’s privacy and will expect the same from anyone in my case too.



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