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    Default TV hunks and their favourite superheroes

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    Superheroes. The world would be lost without them. Why? Well, they leap from tall buildings in a single bound, use their super cool powers, fight villains in dreaded and deadly battles and save our world. We simply love them and be it kids or the oldies, everyone enjoy seeing a superhero movie or reading a superhero comics.

    Iron Man, Superman, Hulk, Spiderman, amongst others, are all our favourites. And the frenzy has already caught the masses with the release of Dark Knight Rises.

    So we got in touch with TV hunks and asked them about their favourite superheroes and what they would do if they get their power for a day?

    Said Karan Tacker, “Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr, is the coolest and one of the loud superheroes ever. He looks awesome in the titanium suit. If I get his power for a day, I would surely roam around with all the girls in my arms.”

    “It will be one and only Superman,” observed Hussian Kuwajerwala, “Superman is a born superhero. He is significant and can fly. As a kid, I have fantasized a lot about him. I had huge collection of superhero’s toys. If I get his power for a day, I would surely fly around everywhere.”

    For talented and smart looking Rithvik Dhanjani, it is Hulk. “Hulk is my favourite superhero. He has a very bad anger and is also jocularly, my friends relate me to him. I find him cool, yet aggressive. If I get his power for a day, I will smash all the people whom I hate and tell them to better stay away from me.”

    Commented Gurmeet Choudhary aka Maan Singh Khurana, “It will be Superman because woh ud sakta hai that's why. And if I get his power for a day, I will enjoy all the privileges and fly around everywhere.”

    “Spiderman has to be my favourite superhero. I have spent my entire childhood watching his movies, cartoon and also tried to be like him. He is the born superhero in twin personality, always ready to save people. If I get his power for a day I will do everything which I wanted to do from my childhood; I will use that power in a very good way by helping all the poor people and bring a smile on their faces,” shared Anas Rashid.

    We also got in touch with handsome hunk Karan Wahi and he said, “It is Superman. He is a natural born superhero. Since my childhood, I have been crazy about him. In my childhood, I had worn a superman costume in a fancy dress competition. Till date, I have got 5 Superman T-shirts in different shades. If I get Superman’s power for a day, I will surely fly and spread happiness all around.”

    So, there you go. Now you know the favourite superheroes of your TV stars. Who is the one you like? Do comment and share with and readers across the globe.



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