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    Default TV celebs and their nicknames

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    Gattu, Pappu, Chunnu, Munnu, Bunty, Golu, Molu, Sweetu, Pinky, Lovely…well…these names may sound funny, but guys…nicknames or pet names as called in this part of the world churn out some of the fondest memories experience in lifetime. So taking a nostalgic route, We called up some TV actors and asked them their nicknames and how did they get them. Read on…

    Sanaya Irani-
    My family member’s call me ‘Sun’ and sometimes they also call me baby. My friends call me ‘Sannu’. Mohit also calls me baby.

    Mohit Sehgal-
    No guyss... I don’t have any nickname as such. And I am happy that I don’t have one. But yes, my fans call me and Sanaya (Irani) ‘Monaya’. And you folks want to know what Sanaya calls me? Well…baby (laughs).

    Niaa Sharma-
    Know what… my name was Neha Sharma. you have written about it. But here’s more. I always wanted my name to be different so I changed it to Niaa Sharma and my fans also call me ‘Maanvi’ my character name in Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain. More than any other name, I will Niaa.

    Karan Kundra-
    Oh wow…let’s see…my family members call me ‘Sunny’. My dad christened it. On the other hand, my friends call me ‘Princey’ for I live life like a king. I love my names and I would never want to change them.

    Krystle Dsouza-
    My mom fondly calls me ‘Bubbly’. I want to share one incident, during my childhood my brother used to play with my ears and twist it and shape it like samosa and then he use to call me Samisha which rhymes with samosa (giggles). Then people who are very close to me call me ‘Kittu’. In fact, I feel special when people call me Kittu. I love all my nicknames.

    Kunwar Amar-
    During my childhood I was very gol matol so my family members started calling me ‘Golu’. On the other hand, my friends are still confused with my name, sometimes they call me Kunwar and sometimes they call me Amar. I would love to be called by some superhero name. My girlfriend Charlie (Chauhan) calls me “Amar, baby… babu” (smiles).

    Vahbbiz Dorabjee-
    My mom calls me ‘Sweetu’. Partho Mitra director of Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani calls me ‘Pinky’. And Vivian lovingly calls me “baby, Vahbz and Vahbbzu”.

    Gurmeet Choudhary-
    Well… my family calls me Shashi Kapoor and they call my elder brother Raj Kapoor. My nanaji kept my name ‘Shashi’. On the other hand, Debina (Bonnerjee) and my friends call me ‘Guru’. I like when people call me by my nickname.



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