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    Default TV celebs bring in awarness about the disease 'Thalassemia'

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    Celebrities give support to bring awareness about terminal disease Thalassemia.

    We Care Trust' joins hand with Celebrities every year to bring awareness about genetically acquired disorder Thalassemia in children.

    Thalassemia are inherited blood disorders. "Inherited" means they are passed on from parents to children through genes. It is very serious blood disease that begins in early childhood. After the special screening of the film Stanely Ka Dabba at Fun cinema for the Thalassemia afflicted children on International Thalassemia Day, celebrities like Dilip Joshi, Shyam Pathak, Vishal Malhotra with wife Rishi, Rozlyn Khan, Vije Bhatia and singer Raageshwari Loomba came together to interact with and entertain the children suffering from this condition.

    While Dilip Joshi & Shyamlal Pathak had a blast making kids laugh by tickling their funny bone, Vishal Malhotra won them over with his anecdotes. While Raageshwari sang her all time famous song 'Maine dekhe hai hazaron rang duniya ke'. She also called some kids on the stage to dance along with her on her songs, even joined Vije Bhatia and Rozlyn Khan.

    Commented Dilip Joshi, "I will surely request my producer Mr. Asit Modi to prepare a script and spread awareness about this disease called Thalassemia as our show always highlights important issues happening in the society. This is also an important issue to be talked about. But still don't forget, laughter is the best medicine for all the problems."



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