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    Default TV actors on their spiritual beliefs

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    Nobody is right or wrong as far as spiritual beliefs are concerned. Itís rather each to oneís own. We asked TV stars what they thought on God, rebirth, astrology, their praying habits, whether they dabble in astrology and if they have had any encounter with spirits. Read onÖ

    Kavita Kaushik
    I believe in God as being a supreme controller of the Universe. You should be one with the Universe. Whatever you do, the Universe will give back to you. Though I was born in a Hindu family, I respect all faiths and celebrate festivals of all religions. I believe in doing good works and harming nobody. I am a great devotee of Lord Shiva. In fact I have his picture tattooed on my back.
    On the other hand, I am terrified of ghosts. I believe in the Devil in the sense that I think there is evil inside people. In fact, we should kill the Devil inside us.

    Rohit Khurana
    I do believe in God. However, I donít think we should have any expectations from Him. I like to visit religious places- I have been to the Sri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, Amarnath, Kailash Parvat, the Golden Temple and Nizamuddin Dargah. I believe in doing good karma. I do believe in astrology as planets after all change their positions each year.
    I donít really believe in ghosts but I do believe in spirits. Once I did a sťance and the spirit wasnít wanting to leave. I didnít feel good about it at all. I think you shouldnít communicate with the dead.

    Niaa Sharma
    I believe in God as He being the supreme controller of the Universe. One needs to respect and fear Him. I donít really visit temples all that much. I would rather do good deeds. I believe that you are born in a better life if you do good deeds and a worse life if you do bad deeds.
    I donít believe in astrology. Even the most ominous predictions wonít scare me. Though I donít believe in ghosts, I avoid watching horror movies alone as I donít want negativity to seep into me.

    Yash Pandit
    I believe that God is a Supreme Power and the Creator of the Universe. I believe in rebirth. I have this feeling that I may have been a sportsman or an actor in my previous birth. Though I havenít had any spiritual experience, I sometimes have had eerie feelings and felt negative vibrations during which I started chanting the Hanuman chalisa which brought me comfort.
    I believe that after death the spirit is in the astral world. I somewhat believe in astrology but I donít think most astrologers know their job. I feel that there are many fake babas too. Earlier I would pray several times daily. Now, I have cut down on praying as I feel that God knows that you are communicating with Him even if you arenít praying regularly.

    Pratyusha Banerjee
    I believe that God is our father and friend. He etches out our destiny. I pray to all Gods and Goddesses and visit places of worship of all religions. I am not sure if there is rebirth. Itís best to concentrate on our current life and live it morally and ethically. I do believe in ghosts and just donít want to come across one. I do believe in astrology, my grandfather Direndranath Banerjee was a renowned astrologer.

    Rajev Paul
    I believe in God but I donít believe in idol worship. Instead of going to various places of worship, I pray in my home. I feel that helping hands is better than praying lips. I loved Rhonda Byrneís book The Magic and after reading it I thank God for everything- the breeze, the sunshine, the pillow I rest my head on and even the food on my plate. I believe in rebirth and astrology.
    However I donít think there are many good astrologers. You canít bank entirely on astrological predictions. I wear no astrological charms. I do believe in ghosts though I am yet to confront one.



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