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    Default TV actors shell-shocked with the recent Delhi gang rape

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    TV actors intelligently analyze what according to them creates a monster of a rapist and how rape may be prevented.

    I think when a person has been found guilty of rape, he should be castrated. That will stop him pretty quick. Billy Graham (American Christian evangelist)

    India has been shell shocked on the gang rape of an innocent girl in Delhi. The girl is a fighter with amazing will to live though she is in critical condition. Our TV actors expressed their outrage over this shameful incident.

    RaQesh Vashisth: I'm disgusted and totally appalled by the incident. It angers me that such incidents occur to even begin with. Rape is a heinous crime and demands speedy justice for the girl. I will not call her a victim but a fighter. And the minimum punishment given in this case should be chemical castration. The fact that the criminals in this case have asked for a death sentence also seems an easy way out. Chemical castration is something that they will live with and they should. They should die a slow but shameful death. Till we make a society where such men are completely ostracized, we need to make them feel ostracized first. This and every rape should be a lesson for all those so called men out there who need to know 'they can't get away with it'. Yes we must educate our sons. I think the whole Indian patriarchal system is to be blamed and the importance given to a male child should be rethought. Mothers and grandmothers should not put so much of an importance on their sons, or it should be at par with a girl child. The fact that in our country there is this feeling of 'I can get away with anything' is what gives such men a freehand. We need to change that!

    Kushal Tandon: Rapists shouldn't be hanged right away nor should they be put in jail. Instead they should be continuously tortured for a month in various ways. They will die anyway in this manner. If they still don't die they should be hanged. Interestingly rapists won't rape their sisters or moms. The only way of preventing rape is brutally punishing the rapist on the streets in full public view.

    Rupal Patel: I am shocked by the shameful gang rape case in New Delhi. The rapists should be hanged in public which will act as a deterrent to rape. Rapists have a convoluted mind with abnormally lustful sexual instincts. We should teach our sons to look up to women with respect. I keep reading news updates about the unfortunate girl and am keeping her in my prayers.

    Shahbaz Khan: The Delhi gang rape is a very shameful situation and a disheartening moment for India. This incidence just proves that the Delhi police isn't doing their job properly and the law and order situation in the country has deteriorated. Our crook politicians who are raping our motherland and our constitution don't seem to think that rape is a big thing. Such an atrocious interview proves that our nation has regressed. If rapists aren't given capital punishment, those who want to rape won't be deterred. We should teach our sons to look at a woman with respect. Men rape as they want to exercise power on women in the most vicious way possible. However they are cowards in reality. Also some of them may be under the influence of alcohol.

    Sayantani Ghosh: Ashamed is an understatement. I am numb when I think of the Delhi rape case. These men have lost their humanity. If they are given the death sentence they won't get to suffer for their crime. Instead they should be made to feel the pain and torture. They should be castrated in the middle of the road. Rapists are just mentally sick. They should be meted out the harshest punishment so that fear is instilled in those who have the inclination to rape. I believe that if literacy and education is spread though out India these cases will decrease. If you are sexually pent up then there are many ways of dealing with it instead of raping an innocent girl. We should teach our sons to not look at women as sex objects.

    Samir Kochhar: I am from New Delhi. I am ashamed that such an incident has happened in my hometown. Not only do the rapists have no respect for women whatsoever, they aren't afraid to commit such a horrendous crime. They are mentally sick, sexually depraved and barbaric. I just can't imagine what the girl and her family are going through. I completely agree with Barkha Dutt that the girl isn't a victim but a fighter. They should be punished in the highest and severest form. Indian citizens and politicians should wake up. In Singapore even chewing gum is punishable as it litters the streets. For heaven's sake these guys put a rod inside the girl and took out her intestines. We should make the laws stricter in our country and impart sex education to our citizens. I would anchor a show on Zoom which aimed at making sex education fun. People wrote in to us asking simple questions of sex which proved how less knowledge they had about it. Our country has the highest population- this shows that Indians have a lot of sex. However they lack proper knowledge on it. We should start imparting sex education from the school level. Rape victims are already traumatized. We should give them speedy justice and work towards healing their emotional and physical scars.

    Indira Krishnan: Why are we talking about this only during the elections? We talk temporarily on the matter and it's forgotten till we hear of another rape case. This rape has become more of a gossip or a commercial advertisement for the politicians. I feel that there should be death sentence ordered for the rapists 48 hours after the act and being caught by the police. The matter shouldn't go on for months. Aruna Shanbaug's (a nurse who has gone into a vegetative state after rape) journalist friend Pinky Virani. The rapist was released from the jail after seven years. What about her life? It is gone. More than educating our sons it generally stems from our family background. There should be education mainly in small towns where vendors and others come to look for jobs. I feel education is a must. We have small town workers coming from small areas in India for jobs in big cities like Mumbai. They are initially in a culture shock on seeing the working women and how they dress. Women will dress in the way they want to. So we need to educate them on the standards of life in a metro. I would also like to mention in particular that the government needs to focus on these issues like a social issue and not a political issue or a ladder to gain votes. Our system needs to be changed from the roots. The root is the government who is weak and lacks education. I feel it's more of a frustration in a man out of financial crisis, lust and insecurity, under confidence and various physiological factors urging to attempt rape. Look at how these ministers fight in the parliament. What will they solve anything about the country? They just make normal life miserable, it's sad. All I can foresee is scare in the eyes of a woman. If only law scrutinizes a stricter form like death sentence, rape may be prevented.

    Rakesh Paul: I am ridiculously disturbed with the Delhi episode. The rapists need to be meted out with the capital punishment. We have to lead by example to today's generation. That will cut down rapes and eve teasing by 80% in India. We need to inculcate scare in the minds of rapists for the consequences instead of instilling fear in the victim's mind (which is the case of the country). Only then can we control something like this.

    Shikha Singh: It's a shame that in a country where maximum houses worship female deities, women aren't safe. My heart cries for the girl and curses the culprit and not to forget the common man who doesn't forget the common man who doesn't respond till their houses are targeted and left that poor girl unattended in that state on busy roads. Rape culprits should be castrated according to me but I know that is not possible in India but it shouldn't be less than a death sentence. No one should even dare to harass a girl. Charity begins at home, so we definitely need to ensure that our boys treat women properly. Other than that I think self-defense classes should be made compulsory at school level. Lack of self-respect for women and lack of sex education gives rise to rape. Women should be more vigilant and never step on public transport all alone. Always inform family or a friend nearby if you are traveling alone. For self defense learn martial arts or karate. For God's sake if someone is being eve teased or harassed, don't ignore. Raise a voice, be the support for tomorrow that may happen to you. A stick is easy to break but a bundle isn't that easy.

    Mona Vasu: Certainly, the recent debate over capital punishment for rape cases is not the answer. It's the certainty of punishment viz a viz rape cases isn't the answer. It's the certainty of punishment and the time it lingers on is the issue. However I feel that we don't need any additions to the statistics to establish that India has become a rape country; and Delhi the rape capital of the rape country. There are measures that need to be taken at all levels and immediately minus the lip service. These measures don't compete with each other, so the law may need reassessment. So do the safety measures and a long introspection followed by action to rectify and solidify current measures. It also brings down the chances of the criminal repeating the same crime to almost nil. It goes without saying that there should be workshops for the youth and other levels of the society to educate people. Nobody can do it just because someone asked them to. It requires a total deconstruction of the lop sided mortality, misinterpreted notions of power of manhood and prejudice among the opposite sex and a general patronizing air of the entire nation. This is not a small process. It's an institutional and general shift that will take time. That is why an institutional generational shift will take time. Which is why stricter, harsher and more scientific measures need to be taken to stitch the moral fabric back.

    Shriya Jha: It is so disturbing to know that the human mind can be twisted to even think of committing a crime. What happened is so horrific. I don't have the measures to express the anger, shock and disgust I feel. We all have to take steps to ensure people get scared of even doing something like this. It's absolutely shameful that someone can commit such a crime.

    Kashif Qureshi: The way the girl was raped and the audacity and brutality with which those criminals committed the crime shows what a failure our law is. Democracy has become demo'crazy' and freedom has become free'doom' in the country. Unless and until our system comes up with super strict, ruthless laws and intolerant laws for these kind of criminals and implement it without mercy, these kind of barbaric crimes will keep on happening and soon the time will come when the girls are afraid even of stepping out of home.

    Sudhanshu Pandey: This a gory and gruesome crime against women. Despite the fact that the culprit have been caught their punishment is pending. There is a public outrage in the country for death sentence of the rapist. Only if they are killed on public streets that rape may be curbed. For heaven's sakes, a dad even raped his three year old daughter. There should be a drastic law to punish these bastards. We should educate both our sons and daughters. Girls should be taught self-protection. Rapists generally hail from a less cultured background.



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