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    Default TV actors share khatta-meetha incidents about their Fathers

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    Some call papa, some call pa, some pops, some baba, and some say appa. Whatever the name may be, but the love remains the same.
    17 of June 2012 is the day when the world celebrates Father’s Day. Father is always an important figure in any child’s life. He is our friend, philosopher and guide. He might not be so emotive or apt in expressions, but one look into his eyes and you will realise the deep love, affection and care he has for you.

    We decided to talk to some of your favoutire TV actors and find out some khatta meetha incidents about their papas.

    Gaurav Khanna, seen in Byaah Hamari Bahu Ka, shared, “My father’s name is Vinod Khanna, which resembles the name of a famous actor. Now, this co incidence caused a lot of funny incidents. My dad is very good looking and everyone told him to take up acting, and here I am fulfilling my father’s dream. I am in Mumbai and my father is in Madhya Pradesh. I am decorating my new house in Mumbai and that’s my gift for him. I am proud to be his son.”

    Beautiful actress Shilpa Anand said, “My dad is no more and I miss him a lot. He has taught me many things in life which I cherish. When I was young, I used to make cards for my dad. He is no more but I can still feel him everywhere. He is one such person who has guided me and supported me through thick and thin. He was the pillar of the house.”

    Rithvik Dhanjani’s dad name is Chandra Prakash Dhanjani and he stays in Dubai. “I can’t really send him a gift but yes, will definitely call him. Had I been there, I would have taken my mom and dad for a lavish dinner and spend time with them. For me, every day is my ‘daddy strongest moment’. We have a business, and even when we had difficult times, my dad never hampered my standard of living.”

    So did you get phatkas from your dad? “My dad never hit me but my mom did, of course. I was a very mischievous child and whenever I did any masti, he used to tell my mom mere taraf se bhi do lagado (laughs). It used to be quite funny, actually. When I was in class 9, my parents learned that I have a girlfriend, and then I got a nice phatka from my mom.”

    For Prerna Wanvari, her father Anil Wanvari is the best dad in the world. “I am very happy with the way I and my brother (Mishal) have been brought up. He is strict, mild and my best friend. He is my pillar, support and my strength. I am proud that I am his daughter and I cherish every moment I spend with him.”

    “I remember once I failed in value education subject and got D grade. He got really angry and slapped me. I was shocked then but now I know it was all for my good.”

    Hunar Hali’s dad, Vikram Hali, has passed away but she still remembers the things and thoughts he has taught him.

    “He always taught me that anything is possible and everything in life achievable. He told me to learn from my mistakes. He used to set deadlines for me and when I could not meet he scolded me. I became a spendthrift and my dad stopped giving money to me. I miss him a lot and feel his presence everywhere.”

    Aishwarya Sakhuja shared, “I don’t celebrate Father’s Day and don’t make any hue and cry about it. For me, everyday is Father’s Day. I say love you to my dad every day. He plays a very important role in my life. I am so lazy that I just work and sleep, rest everything he takes care of. I am very dependent on him. He used to scold me when I got less grades in school but said me to everything whole-heartedly. My dad is in Delhi, so I will just wish him. My dad’s name is Dr Sudhir Kumar Sakhuja.”

    Shritama Mukherjee will send her lovable father a gift via her mother and sister.

    “I haven’t got any beating from my dad as I was a very obedient and disciplined child. Yes, at times, I and my bother used to fight and that ended with a beating from my dad.”

    “My dad was against my acting and dancing career as he thought it not to be a stable one. But he never really opposed me as such. He wanted me to become a singer and I learnt music for him. But destiny wanted me to become an actor. I am just proud of him.”

    Finally, Vishal Singh said, “My dad, Deshraj Singh, is a big foodie and he will cook for everyone tomorrow. He has seen lots of ups and downs in life and but he has moved on and emerged successful, so he is the strongest. He never let difficulties affect our standard of living. Mom used to hit me with chimta and chappal but dad never raised his hands on me.”

    Folks, Happy Father’s Day to everyone!!!



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