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    Default TV actors' take on homosexuality

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    “Homosexuality, is regarded as shameful by barbarians and by those who live under despotic governments just as philosophy is regarded as shameful by them, because it is apparently not in the interest of such rulers to have great ideas engendered in their subjects, or powerful friendships or passionate love-all of which homosexuality is particularly apt to produce.”- Plato

    What Greek philosopher Plato who lived in 4th century BC was liberal enough to accept, many people of the current era simply can’t. Homophobia prevails in the 21st century and it may range from homophobic jokes to jailing gays and even putting them to death. What do your favourite TV actors think of
    homosexuality? Are they as close-minded to think it’s sinful or are they as open minded to accepting a gay family member? What do they think about the depiction of gays on Indian television and films? Let’s find out…

    Kushal Tandon
    To each his own. Live and let live. They can do whatever they like as long as they are happy.
    Jay Soni
    I think it’s a natural thing. Everybody has the right to express their feelings. We are nobody to stop them.

    Karan Kundra
    Homosexuality is perfectly natural according to me. It’s just the way God makes some people. Sexual orientation is no disease. I would fully support any friend or family member who is homosexual. It’s about time society looks upon homosexuality as normal. For God’s sake now there is a super hero who is going to be gay- Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern.

    Kinshuk Mahajan
    Sorry, no comments.

    Samir Soni
    Those who think that homosexuality is sinful have no idea whatsoever on the causes of homosexuality. It’s appalling that even in the 21st century people can be so judgmental. People should live and let live instead of expecting others to live according to their standards.

    It’s unfortunate that in Indian TV and films gays are often stereotyped. Actually, people from various communities are stereotyped on films and TV- be it the Punjabis, Parsees or any other community. Hence, gays are stereotyped too.

    It would be nice if there are films or TV shows, in which the protagonist is gay and is portrayed without stereotypes. What a homosexual goes through from the time he is born, while discovering that he is gay, learning to accept his sexual orientation to feeling it is okay to be gay should be shown. Many just live in denial that they are gay.

    As homosexuals are a minority community in a heterosexual world, producers may shy away from making movies on homosexuality thinking it’s not profitable. India needs to come up with films like that of Brokeback Mountain which dealt with homosexuality so tastefully.

    It’s a welcome sign that there are film festivals based on the theme of homosexuality. I was the judge for one of those international film festivals which was held in India where Onir’s film I Am was screened. Indian gay celebrities should come out in the open just like singer George Michael had come out of the closet.

    Manish Raisinghani
    I believe in the live and let live philosophy and that too respectfully. Homosexuality is a preference and not a disease or a sin. We shouldn’t be preachy and stigmatise people because of their sexual orientation. If I have a homosexual member in my family I will accept him.

    Indian cinema is growing by leaps and bounds. They have evolved from using gay characters as mere comic elements to now looking more deeply into homosexuality as a serious subject altogether and make quality cinema on it.



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