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    Default TV actors and their favourite vamps of 2012

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    When we talk about best TV actors and actresses on television, how can we forget our wicked beauties that spice up the show with their plotting, scheming and conspiracy to ruin life of the bahus of television?

    These evil ladies on the small screen, they never miss a chance to flirt with their husbands and poison the mind of family members thus adding the much needed masala in the shows concerned. But yet being devilish and nasty, they are always a delight to watch.

    In a bid to find out the best among these vampish characters, we went ahead and called up a few TV actors and asked them about their favourite TV vamps of 2012.

    And this is what they had to say:

    Rashmi Desai: I like Khushi aka Jyotsna Chandola from Colorsí Sasural Simar Ka. From her acting to the dialogues she delivers, everything is very good. I must say that she is a very impressive and super conniving vamp on the small screen.

    Karan V Grover: It has to be the one and only Usha Nadkarni ji from Pavitra Rishta. She is an exceptionally talented actress. I think she is ruling the small screen for quite some time now. She doesnít need help of those big bindis, loud makeup and extra ordinary sound effects. In short, she is an authentic actress on television in todayís time.

    Pratyusha Bannerjee: I liked Mona Vasu in Colorsí Parichay. In the show, she was so fearless and yet so awe-inspiring. It is always fun to watch young actresses in negative role as they fit into the shoes of a devilish and wittiest avatar very well.

    Shoaib Ibrahim: I donít get time to follow daily soaps in my daily routine. But I have met Hema Singh who was seen as Imarti Devi in Colorsí Kairi. She is an extremely talented actress. Not only in show, but in award functions too, it is always a pleasure to watch her.

    Rageeni Nandwani: I am completely clueless about this as I donít even know who is playing vamp role in which show. But Jyotsna Chandola is a very good friend of mine and I think she is doing a brilliant job in Sasural Simar Ka. She has all the qualities that are fit for a vampís role. Way to go Jyotsna!!!

    Arjun Bijlani: I like Usha Nadkarni who plays Savita in Pavitra Rishta. She is a versatile actress and a true entertainer. She is so subtle and adds up spice in the show and has the perfect blend of acting, stage presence and humour.



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