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    Default Telly stars share their typically favourite vocab!

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    We chats with a few telly celebs to find out the most common words they use in their routine life

    Taking a close look at the language we use everyday can sometimes be a fun dose of laughter and surprising at the same time. Unconsciously some words just become an inseparable part of our vocab! We asked some celebrities about the words that they use very commonly and there was a laughter riot!

    Jd Majethia: Ok, thanks, great, sure.

    Rishika Mihani: Ok, oye teri, baby, babe, dear.

    Giaa Manekk: Please, thank you, how sweet, how?, love you mom.

    Nakuul Mehta: Let's do this, Bhai, Jaan, Sounds good, Come-come.

    Soumya Seth: Chomu, Pailo, Kickass, Oh-teri, Dhat pagle, Hai-rabba, Wow!

    Krystle Dsouza: Superb, I want to go home!, Hey, Oh God, Yay.



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