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    Default Telly celebs on World Water Day

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    22nd March is celebrated as World Water Day. We got in touch with telly celebs on the initiatives taken by them to save water.

    There a number of ways to save water,
    And they all start with you.
    - Author Unknown

    Water is known as one of the basic necessities in human life. With water crisis on the rise, it is the need of the hour to conserve water. Water is needed for human beings, animals and trees and is an indispensable resource for the economy. Saving water and using it cautiously is very essential. Basic steps at an individual level can be the answer to many issues. Today being the World Water Day We got in touch with telly celebs to know more about the initiatives taken by them to save water.

    Here is what they said...

    Angad Hasija: Why just today..water needs to be saved on a daily basis. One should not leave the tap open. Instead of using two buckets of water, one must use only one when it is actually manageable.

    Ankit Gera: Water conservation has to be a habit. People waste lot of water and use double the required water. I am careful while using water. On set and off set water should not be wasted. Water should be recycled too. In the kitchen and washroom everyone must try and use it carefully. Kids should be taught the value of water.

    Disha Parmar: We should not waste water not just today but everyday. Personally I do aim to follow this. We should save water as much as we can for example to take a bath with a bucket and not use the shower. We should take basic steps which can be useful to us but others too.

    Debina Bonnerjee Choudhary: I save water everyday by closing the taps properly at home and at work or wherever I see water leaking. Not a single drop of water should be wasted. We should save water not only today but every day.

    Jay Soni: Honestly there should not be just one day to make an attempt to save water but it should be followed each and every day. I take a shower only once and make it a point to close the taps. Also, I don't play the festival of holi with water as it is pure wastage. Everyone must follow this.

    Arti Puri: World Water Day should be celebrated everyday as it is it important to save the environment and our Earth. This year I am not playing Holi with water and in fact I see to it that every year I don't waste water during Holi. People should be firm about saving water. This is very necessary and everyone must do their best in this direction.



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