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    Default Telly celebs share the phatakas of their life

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    With the festival of Diwali having set the right mood, Telly celebs talk about the Phatakas of their life...

    Diwali is that time of the year when the heart is filled with love and excitement and the atmosphere with the brightness and cheer of firecrackers and lights. Television actors celebrate the festival in great style with their loved ones and we ask them the the phataka of their life is and we get some fun-filled responses.

    Mohammad Nazim- My mother is the Phataka in my life. She always gives me those positive energies, lights up my world and boosts up my confidence all the time.

    Aamir Ali Malik- Sanjeeda, is the phataka of my life and she keeps my life lit up all the time. She gives me energy and keeps me on the go.

    Aman Yatan Verma- My work is the phataka of my life. Work and acting gives me a kick and keeps me charged up. I am addicted to my work which keeps me in high spirits.

    Mohit Malik- My wife Aditie is the phataka of my life. She brings in positivity, luck and unconditional love in my life. She keeps me inspired all the time. She is with me rain or sunshine.

    Anas Rashid: My niece Maira is the phataka of my life. She is the new entrant of my family and has brought a lot of happiness for our entire family.

    Angad Hasija - My mother is the phataka of my life. She is always charged up at any hour of the day. Even at 2 am in the night you'll tell her to do something, she will do it. I wish I can be like my mom and have that much energy in me 24 x 7.

    Ssumier S. Pasricha- I, me, myself is the phataka of my life. I enjoy my company. I can be alone and yet not feel lonely. I can spend a whole lot of time with myself and yet not get bored.

    Ridheema Tiwari- My best friend Shruti Ulfat is the phataka of my life. She is very caring in nature. I love to go to watch films with her. Spending life with her is great fun.

    Vivian Dsena- Vahbbiz, my financee is the phataka for me. She is the stabilizing factor in my life and yes she is my lucky mascot too.

    We wish everyone has an electrifying Diwali with the phatakas of their lives.



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