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    Default Would our telly celebs ready to pay for their own staff?

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    Bollywood actors have been asked to pay for their own staffs. What if this rule will be implemented in our Tellywood industry. We in talks with some of the celebs….

    News is buzzing around that the Bollywood actors will now have to bear their own staff expenses, as decided by the Producers Guild of India. We spoke to some of the popular TV celebs to know about their views on - if this rule will be implemented in the Tellywood industry, then will it be acceptable for them.

    Kinshuk Mahajan says, "I don't think that it will be a problem for me, because I prefer to have my own stylist and makeup artist. The case is completely different in terms of the award functions and other functions because we have no idea about what look are we supposed to have, because the look completely depends on our performance so that is negotiable. But still for me, it's not that a big issue. It's just fine with me."

    Karan Tacker shares, "I probably would have no issues with it, as in I don't need a stylist or a makeup artist as I do it for myself. But, I don't think all the Telly actors would be fine with it, as there is a difference in Bollywood and Tellywood. There is a lot of difference in the pay scale of Telly stars and Bolly stars. But as far as I am concerned, it won't be a problem for me."

    We got in touch in with Krystle Dsouza, who shared, "We all know that Bollywood actors are paid much more than what the Telly stars are getting. So, I think that if producers pay for our staff then that is fine and that's how it should be. Whenever I go for any award function or shows, I have my own staff and the producers pay for them. So, I think it should go on like this."

    According to Aamir Ali Malik, "In Telly world, 99.99% of times, the producers provide us with the makeup artists and the stuffs whether it's a daily soap, reality show or any performance. If I am asked to get my own staff then the remuneration had to be paid by the producers and if we will be asked to bear our own expenses then definitely the prices will go up."

    Daljeet Bhanot said, "I would definitely have no problem with bearing my own staff expenses. But it's not the same for all the stars out here. For me, acting is like free lancing. If I have my own makeup artists and stuffs then I would pay for it by myself. I would not wish for the producers to pay for my additional expenses. But yes, when we go for some shows, then the producers only provide us with the makeup artists and other stuffs."

    Asha Negi said, "I would accept it if only our pay scale will be increased."



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