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    Default Telly actors' pick: A Green Diwali or Diwali with crackers?

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    Television actors talk about whether they would spend a Green Diwali this year or enjoy the firecrackers too...

    Diwali, the festival of lights is just round the corner. The atmosphere will soon be brimming with cheer and excitement. This festival is known for its beautiful lights and the noisy fireworks. These firecrackers certainly add a lot of fun but at the expense of polluting the environment. We spoke to some of our Telly stars to know about their thoughts on celebrating Diwali with or without crackers…

    Eijaz Khan: I absolutely believe in a pollution free Diwali. I do not think anyone wants their children or loved ones to suffer from the hazards caused by any pollution be it sound or air. One should have fun with responsibility. The awareness of the damage caused because of crackers should be highlighted to everyone. I will have pollution free Diwali for sure.

    Shoaib Ibrahim: Diwali is ironically never pollution free. I am not the kind of person to burst crackers. I stopped burning crackers long ago because it is like setting your own money on fire. I really wonder how burning crackers came into existence actually. As a child I use to burst crackers. But as I grew up I learnt how ridiculous it is. Lighting diyas, praying to God and buying and distributing sweets is the best. Get together with family or friends is the ideal way to have a safe and happy Diwali.

    Shama Sikander: I remember when I was young, we used to live in Rajasthan in a joint family and my uncle had bought a lot of crackers in Diwali. I went to light up a fountain and it didn't burn, so I went ahead to see what happened and suddenly it just popped up on my face. Since that day I decided against the idea of bursting crackers and started hating them. I also realized bursting crackers is harmful for the environment. Besides polluting air and sky it causes lot of noise pollution which goes unnoticed. I believe in a pollution free Diwali. I discourage even my younger cousins from burning crackers.

    Dipika Samson: I am totally anti- crackers. It causes so much pollution which is beyond repair. We are already facing issues due to global warming and this just adds. There are so many better ways to celebrate Diwali. Decorating your house, catching up with friends dressed up in new clothes, eating variety of Diwali delicacies and spending quality time is the right way. There should be an environment awareness campaign in schools highlighting the damage besides parents' initiative to explain to their children the harmful effects of firecracker burning. Money to be spent on crackers should be spent on buying chocolates and they should be distributed to underprivileged children.

    Sargun Mehta: Every Diwali people burn a lot of crackers because it causes lots of pollution. Pets, particularly dogs are really petrified and I really feel for that. I don't burst crackers since the time I gained awareness. I feel there should be awareness and initiative by everyone. If at all I burn crackers it's mostly light and related to colors. Global warming is already an issue and everyone should contribute in saving the environment.

    Devoleena Bhattacharjee: I would like to celebrate a pollution free Diwali for sure. I like the lights, diyas and rangoli and burst crackers very rarely. There are many people around us, who will be having problems with the crackers. So, why trouble them?

    Aakanksha Singh: I don't like to celebrate Diwali using crackers. I am little afraid of crackers and the second reason is that I am an asthma patient. I got my first asthma attack on Diwali so its better to be away from firecrackers. I would like to tell to tell everyone not to burn crackers. Just make it a peaceful festival by lighting diyas. A peaceful diwali will be good for all.



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