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    Default Tele celebs share their meaning of Valentines Day!

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    On the occasion of Valentines Day we asks TV celebrities about their plans and which actor they
    would like to have as their Valentine!.

    The day to express love for anyone you adore holds a special meaning in the lives of everyone. We speak to some television stars to find out what this day means to them...

    Shama Sikandar : Honestly a day's celebration for LOVE is indeed a good thought. I am a complete believer in love and I celebrate everyday of my life with love and joy. But yes on Valentine's Day one can remember all the memories and have fun. I would love to celebrate my Valentine with my love where we can cherish everything we have in our life. I am waiting for Alex to come out with a surprise! Every year somehow I smell the surprise. And if I have to go with anyone on a Valentines day apart from Alex, it has to be actor Robert Downey Jr. who plays the intelligent Sherlock Homes. Because I love intelligent men, with whom I can just have endless conversations. Sometimes in silence also I get his company and feel so energetic and positive.

    Puneet Sachdev : I used to celebrate Valentine's Day during my teen days. That time buying a card to planning a day for my love was a big event. But not now, I guess any day which is nicely spent with your love can be a Valentine's Day. But yes it used to be a grand day for me. I am a big Kareena Kapoor fan and I saw her before she became an actor. I read an article long time ago where I saw her for the first time and I was in love with her since then.

    Rehman Khan : I have never celebrated Valentines Day. Not because I do not believe in it. Because anything which creates love and companionship gets my full faith and support. I am a married man and yes I often take my wife for dinner. If a day celebrating love falls on 14th February I see no harm in that. If I can ever take eternal beauty Madhubala with me that would be great. I can just look at her smile and pass my moments. A day with her means a lot forget about a celebration, every moment would be a celebration for me.

    Hrishikesh Pandey: According to me a day is not enough for love. But yes in our regular life we are so stressed out and busy when a day like this comes out we feel special for each other. For me it means spending quality time with each other. And I will try to take some time out and give my wife a surprise. I have to take two names - Lara Dutta and Gul Panag - both the ladies have dignity, beauty and very sexy at the same time.

    Arif Zakaria: With time I have looked back and scoffed at the heightened importance given to valentine's day. Earlier, much earlier it meant an expression of love to someone who brought, a strong chemical reaction called love, in you. But today it is a good day to rekindle feelings of love and joy with your loved one. You might laugh at the ritual and scoff at the day, but any day is a good day to tell someone you love them. I won't like to have any Bollywood actor as my valentine though there is a new entrant in my neighborhood who I would like to invite for a date.'

    Sargun Mehta: Valentines Day means spending romantic time which we don't spend otherwise. I would be shooting and rehearsing on the Valentines actually. I would want to spend all my Valentines with my boyfriend Ravi Dubey only. If I have to choose a Bollywood actor then it has to be SRK for sure. If he is not free then Ranbir Kapoor.

    Mohammad Nazim: Valentines Day means expressing your feelings. It's a good excuse and occasion to express your love. Like everyone I would like to spend quality time with my girlfriend post my shooting time. The Bollywood actress I would like to be my Valentine is Kareena Kapoor because she is very beautiful.

    Dipika Samson: It's a day of love. Your love for your mother, for your father, for your spouse, for every special person in your life. I don't have any special plans but yes I will definitely give some token gift to all the special people in my life. If I have to choose a Bollywood actor it has to be only Shah Rukh Khan.

    Shashank Vyas: Valentine is a day to express your love to someone very special. But I feel for expressing love you don't need a particular day. My work is my love so I will be working but wishing every family member and expressing my love would complete my Valentines day. I would like to have Madhuri Dixit as my Valentine.

    Sandeep Sachdev: Valentines Day means love to the fullest. It is a day when you make someone you love feel most special by going out of your way. It's a day when I don't go to gym and just love ice creams, drives, holding hands, sharing a smile and a kiss. I would like Preity Zinta to be my valentine as I have a crush on her.



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