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    Default Sukirti on 'Love'.

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    We in talks with Sukirti Kandpal on what does love mean to her...

    Love is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment. Love is also a virtue representing all of human kindness,compassion and affection. Telly celeb Sukirti Kandpal gets catchy on an interview describing her meaning of 'Love'.

    What is the definition of LOVE for you?
    Love has a very extended meaning, it doesn't just apply to when we hear the word 'Romantic' but way beyond it. Firstly it stands: loving yourself the most because when you will love yourself then only will you be able to love others.

    If love would be human then who would it be for you?
    If love would be human then definitely it has to be my 'Mother'. The persons who always forgives all the mistakes, sacrifices for her children and always wishing good for others,. Unconditionally loves and helps always.

    Which is the best way to express your love for that person?
    The only best way to express love for my mother has to be giving her time, as I am always busy with shoots and I have no time for her. So whenever I get time I see to it that I do take her out and spend some quality time with her.

    What if Love did not exist?
    People would die and wither without love because the power of love is very strong. It is difficult and in fact impossible to live without love.

    If you get to rename Love what would it be for you?
    I will rename love to my sisters name 'Bhavna'. My sister is a lotus which comes out of the mud. She has taught me the value of life, the one which is to be respected with utmost love and care.



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