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    Default Will your stars go 'Vicky Donor' way?

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    We chats with your favorite television stars to quiz them if they would donate their sperms...

    Vicky Donor is surely ringing in at the registers as the movie has received acclaim from both critics and audiences alike. Ayushmann Khurrana has received tremendous accolades for his bold role of a sperm donor in this film. While the practice of sperm donation has been prevalent in both India and abroad, perhaps the topic was a bit 'taboo' before this film hit theatres. In a fun and lively manner, Vicky Donor has brought to the surface a very important topic and a deed, which has helped complete many families and brought them happiness! We spoke to our television fraternity and especially the hottest from our
    television gene pool to find out how they would react if they were approached for sperm donation.

    Here is what our hot hunks have to say:

    Karan Tacker: I would honestly be really shocked if I was approached for sperm donation, just the way any normal person would be. However, yes I would donate sperm as helping someone is a good deed! And considering the fact that in the movie Vicky earns a wholesome donating sperm, so why not go ahead for an earning as well? The combination of earning + helping would make this better than any other job!

    Gurmeet Choudhary : Donating sperm is legally approved and it is a helping hand to the needy! And for this strong help I surely would go ahead!

    Anas Rashid: I would feel lucky if I was approached for sperm donation as I would be helping someone fulfill their wish of having a child through my donation. I find this help to be of Worth!

    Vishal Karwal: I would happily and willingly donate sperm to those who are responsible enough! Its is the best help one can provide and actually a really good deed. And taking it to another level- helping a beautiful girl would be a matter of no better help[laughs]

    Vivian Dsena: I would actually find it quite funny and weird if I was approached for sperm donation. But I guess the deed is a good one if someone is getting happniness with a little help from my side! Its really a positive deed if I can help someone complete their family just through my sperm donation.

    Kinshuk Mahajan: I would readily be happy for sperm donation! This practice has been followed abroad since years and I am gload the the awareness is spreading in India as well.

    Arhaan Behll: It's a good cause and I would definitely do all possible to help for this cause. Donating sperm is not harmful or something to be looked upon as shame. Its legal and this awareness spread by the movie Vicky Donor is going to be of great use for so many families!



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