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    Default Your Stars and their Favourite Superheros!

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    We got in touch with your stars to ask them about their favorite superheroes…

    Avengers' the movie has hit the screens world over and has resulted in a new found allegiance for all the superheroes. We got in touch with your favorite superstars to ask them about their favorite superhero:

    Vivan Bhatena: I'd have to say Hulk because I have anger management issues. My wife also calls
    me hulk , plus Bruce Banner is very intelligent and a scientist. I somehow can relate to him!

    Karan Tacker: Iron Man, hands down ! Robert Downey Jr. is the classiest and the most flamboyant superhero ever. He is just a very attractive super hero!

    Anas Rashid: It has to be Spiderman. I can say it was almost like my first crush and I would do crazy things my cousins would tell me. Once my cousin told me that to be like spiderman I needed to slit open my stomach and inflate it with some gas. I immediately went to the doctor to get my stomach inflated. Doctor was appalled to say the least.

    Akshay Dogra: The Hulk is my favourite character. He is as human as we can be and we all have anger inside of us. He is physical representation of what we can do with our anger. It can be a powerful tool if used wisely.

    Kunal Karan Kapoor: Superman has to be my favourite superhero. It is basically how all other superheroes are underdog stories but Superman was born Superman. Superman can take his shield of invincibility off and don the Clark Kent suit. Clark Kent is how superman views humans on earth – Weak, unsure and fragile.

    Karan Kundra: It is Batman all the way because he is real and he was not born with any superpowers. He has acquired them over time. He is a super human and not a superhero. I just think he is very inspiring.

    Karan Goddwani : He-Man ! I just have so many fond memories of buying He-Man toys as a kid. He is super powerful and he roams in underwear and made it a style statement. It adds to his macho personality!

    Barun Sobti : Superman – Because he can fly and that's why! And it rhymes. We all wanted to fly as kids and I was no exception.

    Karan Mehra – I think it will be Iron Man. He is a blend of heroism and funny histrionics. He can also fly and he just has to be a person's favorite character.

    In this long list of your favorite male superstars we were able to get Sukirti Kandpal to share her views and give a woman's insight into what makes the superheroes so likeable.

    Sukirti Kandpal: Iron Man! Firstly I love Robert Downey Jr. He has got the right mix of sexiness and intelligence. Also, women love rebels and he is one – Just makes him downright hot!



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