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    Default STAR Plus characters and their favourite travel destinations

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    Experiencing new places, new people and different cultures help us understand a world we never get the chance to see otherwise. So let’s listen to what our favourite STAR Plus characters have to say about their desired travel destinations. Places where they prefer going when they have ample of time in their hand.

    Khushi says, “Darjeeling is like paradise on earth. It is one of the most sought out honeymoon spots for newly married couples. I wish Arnavji and I could visit Darjeeling often. Also the best time to visit Darjeeling is winter when there are many ongoing cultural activities.”

    Viraat’s escapade to Milan once in a year is quite a regular thing for his family. He plans to take Maanvi there sometime during Christmas. “Milan is a fine melange of art and commerce. Being the second largest city of Italy it is also the hub for greatest of fashion and design creations.”

    “The best time to visit Milan is spring and autumn when the climate is agreeable,” he adds.

    Tejal believes in spending her free time in Matheran. “I have some old memories attached to this place. Every alternate weekend my father used to plan a trip to Matheran. My favourite places to see in Matheran are Charlotte Lake for its picturesque view of the watrefalls and Mount Berry. Charlotte Lake was a hit with my mom too. At Mount Berry I love the Valley Crossing activity. It is worth giving a shot!” exclaims Tejal.

    Naitik loves travelling to spiritual places. “Mental peace is of utmost importance to me. What could be better than Varanasi to achieve this? The holy Ganges fill the heart with so much devotion and serenity that the mind reaches a different level.”

    Aditya tells us, “Colombo is close to home and has some interesting offerings in terms of tourist attractions. The Jami Ul Afar mosque, the World Trade Centre towers are a sight to admire. The Galle Face Hotel, famously known as the Asia’s Emerald on the Green has colonial touches to its interiors. A visit to this hotel is truly delightful.”



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