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    Default STAR Plus characters [Arnav,Viraat,Akshara,Sandhya,Indu,Sooraj] talk about their favourite things

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    There are few things that we always keep a check on when we go out. Not because its necessity but it holds importance in our life. Know what are the favourite things of our STAR Plus characters.


    Well, there arenít many things that I am fond of but these three things are something I keep closer to my heart Ė Home, bike keys and gym bag. Home is a place you will always double check and will be always on your mind whenever you go out. I love my bike and I always carry its keys with me. I try to make time for the gym whenever I can. I also carry necessary stuff like extra pair of clothes, water bottle, etc.


    My favourite things would be my car, trophies and though itís a food dish but I love it a lot - butter chicken. My car is something I am very fond of and love it to the core. Trophies are a pleasant reminder of my achievements when I am feeling down. And being a foodie, I love butter chicken very much. Butter chicken in a day makes my day!


    Though I am not materialistic, there are few things I wouldnít operate without for instance mobile, hand bag, glares and clutch. My whole life revolves around my phone as I get to stay connected with my family and friends. A hand bag is an important accessory for every woman and I am pretty sure most women will agree. I have to carry my glares while travelling because my eyes are sensitive to the sunrays and clutch I need it to keep money safely.


    My favourite things would be my laptop, mobile phone, make-up kit, clutch and Bhagavad Gita book. I wonít travel without these things. I love to stay connected with my family and friends through mobile and social networks. I am a firm believer in God and I always carry the Bhagavad Gita with me. I read it whenever I can as it calms me down.


    My favourite thing is my parentsí picture that I keep in my wallet. I love my parents and you will always find a picture of them in my wallet. Other than that I love my bag because I keep a stack of food and water in it.


    I am very fond of my perfume, watches, car and shoes. These are three things that I would prefer to buy wherever I travel. Especially shoes, this is something I would never see the price tag of.



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