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    Default The Special Thread of Love: Rakshabandhan

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    Telly Celebs share their idea for this festival that celebrates the bond between a brother and sister

    India is a land of rich cultural heritage and beautiful festivals, all portraying different morals and values.Festivals are followed religiously with respect as each one of them have a unique story to tell.

    Today we have a beautiful festival to celebrate 'Rakshabandhan', the festival that celebrates the sacred relation between a brother and sister. So, on this auspicious day we got in touch with some of the telly celebs to share their way of celebrating and defining this day...
    Lets have a look on what have they to say about itů.

    Soumya Seth: Rakshabandh is very special for me. It's about celebrating the brother- sister relation.This year I had planned to pay a surprise visit to my brothers in Amritsar but unfortunately things didn't work out. Nevertheless, I also have my cousin brother Manik in Mumbai with me so I can tie a rakhi to him. I still remember last year my brother gifted me all the savings he made for a year which I felt was very nice of him. I have a really caring and loving brother.

    Deepshikha Nagpal: It means a lot to me as I celebrate and enjoy all the festivals.Calling someone your brother is a big responsibility and one should respect the relation. Nowadays people tie a rakhi for just the heck of it and don't even maintain that relationship. I enjoy seeing my kids celebrating this festival. I always miss having a brother in my life. Happy Rakshabandhan to every one. Love and respect this special brother-sister relationship.

    Karan Wahi: Well it is very special to me, though I don't have a real sister but have loads of cousin sisters. Unfortunately I am always shooting on Rakhi, but my sisters make sure their Rakhis reach me on the same very day.

    Yashashri Masurkar: Rakshabandhan is always special for every brother and sister. Since I don't stay with my family this occasion is a golden chance to spend time with my family. I think rakshabandhan is a sweet bond which helps all brothers and sisters to forget their fights, smile and have fun.

    Perneet Chauhan: Rakshabandhan is very special. I don't have a real brother.The bond between a sister & brother is priceless. The brother being protective towards the sister, pampering her, is a very sweet feeling. I have cousins but no one resides in Mumbai. I made a Rakhi brother here in the city, whom I tie a rakhi every year & he gives me gifts too.

    Kunwar Amarjeet Singh:Rakshbandhan is a very special festival for me because I believe that the relation between a brother and sister is the purest relation and the only one where you can find a friend and partner in both good and bad times. Your sister is someone you can trust, so yes it is special for me and I love my sister.

    Madhura Naik: This rakshabandhan would be one of my best so far. My brother arrives in India after 2 whole years from LA. I had not got a chance to visit him in all these years and that's the biggest gift I could have ever got. It is a festival where we give away one day of our life to celebrate that special bond between a brother and sister.

    Additi Gupta: Rakshabandhan( the most awaited festival for all sisters)= love+ care+ emotional attachment+ the bonding+ the fights+ yummy sweets+"GIFTS".

    Giaa Manek: Its special because I tie a rakhi to my kanaji.

    Ragini Khanna: It is a day for celebrating the brother- sister relationship which signifies the bond, trust, respect and love which lasts for a lifetime...I really look forward to it as I love spending time with my brother and sister.

    Sukirti Khandpal: It is very special to me because my younger brother Manjul is extremely dear to me.Throughout my childhood the three of us [My sister,brother and myself] have been very close. I think it is a celebration of this togetherness. He makes me go mad a lot of times and we fight like any other brother sister. But I love him a lot.

    Geeta Kapur: Rakshabandhan for me is a relationship which does not need a string to define. It is a feeling of protection of love and care that every sister should feel of a protector, responsibility and respect a brother should give give. I have four rakhi brothers but none blood related, but when it comes to need i know they will be there in a blink for me.

    Hiten Tejwani: Rakshabandhan is a festival which is very special for every sisters. It signifies the bond between brothers and sisters, its an assurance for sisters that no matter what their brothers are always there for them.

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