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    Default I will be back soon on screen: Ajay Chaudhary

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    We in talks with Ajay Chaudhary aka Abhay of Phulwa...

    The suave and dashing Ajay Chaudhary takes our Starry take questions this week.

    How was it playing the lead role in daily soap 'Phulwa'?
    It was a great experience playing the lead in Phulva, it was a character any actor would want to play as a lead. After my first serial 'Lovestory' this was the character which I loved playing and I miss that character(laughs).

    What are your further plans about coming back in the industry?
    Well I will be back soon. 2-3 production houses have approached me, lets see what comes in. If the storyline is interesting and the given character too, I surely will do it.

    Any desired role you would want to play in future?
    Yes definitely I would want to play the role of Amitabh Bachchan from his film 'Sharabi' in its remake if ever would be made.

    As an actor who inspires you the most?
    Irfan Khan from our Bollywood industry inspires me a lot with his performance. He is an excellent actor, he portrays all of his characters in the movies with utmost brilliance and tries to make it look more real which touches the people. That is what makes me like and love him.

    Which is your favorite movie and why?
    'Pan Singh Tomar' is my favorite movie, it is one of the movie which is excellent with the story. Words are less to describe my love for the movie and Irfan Khan has done all the justice to the role and taken the story to a new level with his performance. His acting in this movie was just too amazing to be spoken. It has left a mark on the people.

    Has a television show ever put you to tears?
    Not actually. Fiction shows generally never do but yea non-fictional shows do manage - not that they break you into tears but surely get you emotional and make you feel sad for the situation like Satyameva Jayate.

    Which was your favorite book as a child and why?
    As a child I used to like a cartoon comic book. I remember reading Mickey mouse stories and the way I used to enjoy it. Recently I came back from Los Angelos where I have spent a quality time in the 'Disney land' there with my young little relatives, which made me go down the memory lane.

    A memory that you will never forget?
    There are many memories in my life which I won't ever forget. As we walk with memories for lifetime I have a memory to share with you'll: this was some 7years back when floods hit Mumbai on 26th July. This day is unforgettable, I was studying in the Mumbai university for my graduation where I came across this situation. I had to stay in the classroom for two days without food and electricity and water was hardly available for drinking. Have to say it was a drastic day which can never be forgotten.



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