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    Default A social cause our telly celebs would like to fight for...

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    The rising causes which have to be stopped.

    There are some social causes which are harmful for our society and certain strong steps are to be taken to stop them as they are affecting the people and country in large. Such causes are to be removed from the route. We all wish to fight for some or the causes, lets have a look on which are the social causes our Telly Celebs would like to fight.

    Nia Sharma: I would want to fight for 'Domestic Violence' , this act should be banned. Every human has the right to be treated in a good manner. Getting married to a person doesn't mean you have to be staying under his control totally. A husband should treat her wife with utmost love and care and not physically abuse her which is very much seen in today's era.

    Deepika Singh : 'Corruption' is the route cause in India which is affecting the people as well as the country in whole. Secondly education is very much important as Education is the future. There should be more and more schools built in villages as illiteracy comes majorly from village areas, they should be motivated to educate. There should be brought into more awareness about education.

    Rubina Dilaik: I will surely fight for 'women manipulation' as women's education is very necessary, she is to be given equal rights of education as which is given to men . Women empowerment is very necessary.

    Yashashri Masurkar: 'Clean Mumbai' is a great cause I would want to fight for as there is a no cleanliness maintained on the streets, which is bad for the people's health as well as the country. If the city is clean so will the people be happy and healthy.

    Karan Tacker: 'Female Infanticide' is a cause is to be stopped, the ratio of the girl child is drastically falling which is very bad. A girl child is to be given all rights to be born and live the freedom of life. There should be more awareness campaign to be done which will make people aware of their wrong doings.

    Siddharth Shukla: I would like to fight for 'Army and Police' people who have done a lot for our safety and country, in fact they have risked their lives for us and helping us in the best way for our protection. Yet they are given no rewards and are bad spoken about that they haven't done anything for our county and its people, when we all know their sacrifice.



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