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    Default The silliest questions TV actors have been asked by journalists

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    In their several outings with the media, TV actors are asked various kinds of questions by journalists. While some are profound, others sound very silly.

    In a chat with us, TV actors talk about the queries they found to be the silliest.

    Yash Pandit
    It’s not just the silly questions which bother me. I just feel bad at times when they misquote what I say to make it an interesting news item at any cost.

    Meghna Malik
    I find it silly when reporters ask an actor working in a daily soap questions like “why do you get this person married? How is your (reel) daughter-in-law like? Why does your character love this person?” For heaven’s sake, it was written like that, go and ask the writer.

    Akhlaque Khan
    Some time ago, I had done a movie called Question Mark that was a horror movie with a found footage genre. In the footage, it was shown most of us (actors) dying. A journalist sitting in the front row asked me, “Is this footage real?” We laughed on this silly query for months together.

    Sparsh Khanchandani
    Here are some weirdest queries: Who do you like more- mummy or daddy? How old are you? How do your teachers and friends in school treat you? Tell us some incidents. Which is your favourite movie? What do you do when you forget your lines? Name your best friend and why is he or she your best friend? What do you do when you are happy? What do you like more- school or shooting? Sing a song for us. Who is better- reel or real parents?

    Salil Ankola
    This is the most stupid question asked by many.”How are you liking to work here?”

    Sachin Parikh
    To me this was indeed the silliest of queries, “Are you happily married? Do you love your wife? While doing an action scene do you think of someone you hate while beating your co-actor?”

    Rashmi Pitre
    At the solo exhibition of my paintings, I have been asked, “Are these your paintings?” When a contestant fails at a game and walks out, he is asked, “How are you feeling now? Are you happy with the judge’s decision?”

    Samir Kochhar
    One guy asked me which team I played for in the IPL league. Another guy asked me what was the status of my malls in Dubai and when do I expect to wrap up work and come back to India in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain?



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