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    Default Sakshi Tanwar is Ekta Kapoor's favourite

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    Ekta Kapoor, the queen of daily soaps is tied up with work 24x7. However, in spite of being terribly busy, she never ignores her favourite actress Sakshi Tanwar aka Priya of Sony's Bade Acche Lagte Hai.

    Of late, the Balaji head honcho has been concentrating more on films than on television, but for Sakshi she is ready to give all the time in the world as she tells us, "Sakshi is one person whose calls I answer even at two in the night as I know she’d be calling me for a narration of a particular scene."

    "No matter where I am, she will call and tell me that she would be coming for five or ten minutes as she needs a narration. And I let her call me or come because I know that she will be in-between a scene all traumatised and she will not shoot till I explain the scene to her," she hastens to add.

    Ekta cannot stop praising Sakshi, as she continues, "Give her anything to wear, she will not have an issue with it. The only thing she is concerned about is, understanding her character. At times she comes up to me and says, 'I am a mother so I must be untidy.’ It is overwhelming to see that kind of devotion."

    Though Sakshi continues to bring smiles on Ekta, the younger lots of actors seem to irk the producer. She admits, "Sakshi has worked for 13 years but she still puts in the same kind of hard work, while the others, who have worked for 4 years, never come on time and get tired after certain number of scenes."



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