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    Default Remembering the great freedom fighters of India...

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    Has our country at 65 forgotten the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters? It seems so… for we have jettisoned the values on which this huge nation was founded. Therefore on 15 August, the day of Indian Independence, it is time to pause and remember the great leaders who got us this very basic human value i.e. independence to chart our own destiny.

    Accordingly we spoke to a few TV actors about the same and this is their tribute to the leaders who created modern India.

    Aanjjan Srivastav of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha said, “Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi eclipses all others. For he alone could successfully bring together the whole nation under one political platform. Other leaders like Dr B R Ambedkar (got us our liberal and all encompassing constitution), and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (acted as a foil to Muhammad Ali Jinnah) were equally important but they did not have a pan India appeal.”

    Aanjjan better known as Wagle of Wagle Ki Duniya further added , “Although our freedom movement is more remembered for its unique non -violent character, we can’t forget the likes of Shahid Bhagat Singh and Khudiram Bose. The big difference between them and today’s terrorists was that they never took innocent lives and readily surrendered themselves after the act instead of running always like cowards after planting bombs in public places.”

    Gaurav Chopraa currently fighting crime in Savdhan India [email protected] 11 played devil’s advocate here as usual and said, “While I respect the freedom fighters for they did create a mass movement for azadi, we also can’t be ignorant of the fact that one of the big reasons why we gained independence in 1947 was the global scenario post World War 2. The victorious allies (US and UK) stood for freedom, liberty and equality hence could not afford to be seen colonizing a huge country like undivided India. I genuinely wonder had Adolf Hitler not invaded Poland in September 1939, I don’t know how many more years would it have taken us to become a free nation.”

    Gaurav’s girl Mouni Roy (last seen in Life OK’s Mahadev) joined in the conversation and said, “It is difficult to name one leader e.g. First Prime Minister of Independent India Jawaharlal Nehru and Iron Man Sardar Patel. Being a woman, I would like to refer to Sarojini Naidu and Rani Laxmibai. You need to appreciate the fact that in those day women were not allowed any public space and yet these ladies took on the might of British Empire, some of them at the cost of their lives.”

    Aman Verma also batted for the revolutionaries by stating, “When fighting for independence holding on to emotions was difficult, they took some actions straight away like Rajguru (few talk about him). He also hailed the great Maratha king Shivaji for his successful guerrilla tactics against the all powerful Mughal army led by Aurangzeb.”

    While talking about the past Aman also referred to the sad present state of affairs and quipped, “A section of our people is troubling the minorities. India is a secular state but when you try to force what you believe down someone’s throat that is again killing freedom.”

    Last but not the least, Ronit Roy (Adaalat) had a very cynical view and said, “I could name all of them but don't want to. It is silly and petty to talk about them only once a year. We have already rubbished and ridiculed the freedom they fought for and gave up their lives for. Diversity has given way to disparity. Culture has been devoured by political vultures.”

    Well…let’s all salute the martyrs of this country!!!



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