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    Default Questions by reporters that annoy our Telly stars!

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    Celebs speak about the questions asked by reporters, which irk themů

    Apart from their busy shooting schedule, our Telly stars are always seen busy answering an array of questions which are put forth to them by reporters. Needless to say that there would certainly be a few questions that ruffle their feathers. Today, We gave an opportunity to our Telly stars to share some of these vexing questions. Read on to find out what your favorite celebs have to speak about it.

    Gaurav Khanna: No question irritates me as such. However, yeah I really don't know what to answer if they ask why the show didn't last long, what went wrong etc.

    Nia Sharma: What is happening in the story? What is the track ahead? (When they know we can't reveal the further track of the show).

    Aastha Chaudhary: Nothing actually. But sometimes when people ask questions like "oh are you dating that xyz actor?" It irritates me because people should know that we actors also have a personal life and more than that whose family likes to read gossip about their daughter.

    Abigail Jain: What's happening in the show? Everyone knows we aren't allowed to disclose that but they will still ask.

    Arjun Bijlani: It is annoying when reporters ask you about your personal life.

    Giaa Manek: Personal questions.

    Devoleena Bhattacharjee: Actually I haven't been asked any question by the reporters which irritated me but ya after my pack up, when they ask me for any bytes, it annoys me at times, because after my pack up, I just feel like rushing back to my home sweet home.



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