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    Default Producers and Celebs on the new TRP ratings

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    We in conversation with the producers and celebrities of the television world...

    After the new Digitization order passed in India there are changes in the TRP ratings. As we all know that TAM [Television Audience Measurement], is the sole ratings measurement agency in India and every Wednesday it decides the fates of all the Television shows.

    We got in touch with few of the Producers and actors of the television industry to share their views on what have they to say about the new TRP ratings..

    Let's have a look at what they said..

    Sudhir Sharma: I personally feel the only change that happened is digitization. There is no technological change in the way we measure TRPs. To begin with the base and the total number of samples is so less that any conclusion based on such a small number can not be foolproof. Only a wide base and some a foolproof technology can give us that assurance that yes TRPs are the true measurement of the reach a show has. Unfortunately we do not have any other option at the moment.

    Jd Majethia: Nobody is very happy with the TRP ratings. But I feel it hasn't changed much. There are a couple of shows which were on high TRP before and have fallen now with the new digitization. However there aren't drastic changes. The process has just started so we should wait for some more time and see the ratings.

    Hiten Tejwani: Frankly speaking, however the method of calculations be, as far as you are on the top it doesn't matter. I am happy with the ratings. When the TRPs of my show start falling then probably I will try to find a fault otherwise these TRPs are the best [laughs]

    Nakuul Mehta: Yes there has been a drastic change in the TRP ratings now after the new digitization process. But I am glad and very happy that my show is in the top five list. It is a great achievement and a moment of pride to be in the top 5 shows.



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