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    The buzzing hot news all across the globe at this point of time is about statesman Pranab Mukherjee taking over as the 13th President of India. Now, being a President is no mean and easy job. One has to live up to the varied expectations of teeming millions. He has to battle issues like inflation, lack of infrastructure, unemployment, economic growth et al. But we are sure that Pranab da will manage to tackle all issues like he has done for all this years. He has been the pillar for Congress.

    We got in touch with some of your favourite TV stars and asked them what they expect out of their new President. Letís read what they had to sayÖ

    Karan Tacker

    I donít follow politics and nobody is my favourite as such. But I have hopes from Mr Mukherjee and believe that our public money should be utilized in much better ways. There is lack of growth in the country and corruption is one of the reasons. It is difficult to bring end to corruption but at least there should be some serious action taken against it.

    Soumya Seth

    I have never followed politics. I donít read newspapers and donít even watch news channels. I am out of all this. But as a citizen of India, itís our responsibility to remove negativity from the society. Every citizen should know his or her rights. You should always come ahead and help others. Expectations of the masses are always high but no concrete action is being taken by the government to live up to them.

    I feel sad when I watch shows like Satyamev Jayate. Hats Off to Aamir Khan for bringing up such a project and spreading awareness amongst people.

    Gurmeet Choudhary

    Pranab Mukherjee is a very well deserving candidate for the post of President. He has many years of experience. He is wise and composed in nature. He has always been supportive. He helps many institutions and even campaigns in favour of women.

    I think Mr Mukherjee should focus on unemployment. In India many people are jobless. And of course there should be reduction in prices of fuel and other commodities.
    So, what's your say? Do drop-in your comments with your views and expectations from the new President Mr Pranab Mukherjee.

    Ragini Khanna

    I donít have any expectation from any politician now. I have no hopes. I am scared to vote. Every day I open newspapers and I read news about crime, molestation etc. Vegetables have become so expensive. Poor people donít even have basic needs like food, clothing and shelter.

    Petrol prices have hiked three times in a span of few months. We actor have to pay 12.5 percent service tax to government. Itís unfair but we cannot really do much about it as it makes no point to stand and fight. Itís unfair to some actors who are sitting at home. How will they manage to pay?

    A working person from Mumbai canít afford to fall ill for one day. Crime cannot be stopped. There should be a complete stop on taking bribe. Police should be given sufficient salary.

    Karan Mehra

    I donít follow politics and I have zero knowledge in it. I think Presidents are only there to do signature job. Mr Mukherjee got sworn because they didnít have any other person to take the Presidentís seat.

    I have high hopes from Mr Mukherjee to reduce the prices of fuel, LPG, which is very steep when compared to other countries. In our childhood, we have learned in civics that Presidents are like our elder parents. So I hope Mr Mukherjee bring in some changes in our country and also guide other members of cabinet to work in a better way.

    Ratan Rajpoot

    I am out of politics. Politics ka ĎPí bhi follow nahi karti. I think President keeps on changing but life goes on. We are used to living such a chalta hain kind of a life. Cases of crime are increasing day by day. Commodities have become expensive. Inflation is a major glitch. Due to hike there is rise in inflation.

    I appreciate Aamir Khan to bring up a show like Satyamev Jayate. At least he took 1st step on spreading awareness. We Indian talk big big things but when it comes to implementation nobody cares anything.



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