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    Default I always prefer living in my shell: Shaheer Sheikh

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    Shaheer Sheikh, best known for his lead role as Veer Mehra in Kya Mast Hai Life and Anant Bajpai in Navya..Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal, is an inquisitive guy who believes in living life to the full and enjoy every moment of it. Passionate about love, Shaheer still carries the proud feeling of being the captain of his school.
    In a candid talk, he gives us an insight into his beliefs.

    Read on:

    I am: Curious.

    Life is: Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that takes your breath away (quote from the movie Hitch).

    Love is: Everything. It is something that is driving this world crazy. It is somewhat of a passion and a source of energy

    Marriage is: Biggest stepping stone in life. It gives one a sense of responsibility.

    Your first crush: When I was in the 11th standard.

    Your dream date: Nothing specific, but yes, must be the happiest moment.

    Your best childhood memory: Chacha Nehru's birthday because we used to have sports in school and the medals I used to get as I was the captain.

    On your last birthday: I was alone and I had no plans.

    How many places have you lived at: My hometown Jammu, then Pune and now Mumbai.

    Your long-lasting friend: Nobody stays in contact. Everyone migrates according to his/her priorities.

    Do you make friends easily: Not easily, because I always prefer living in my shell.

    Music you like: Gazal, hip hop. Sometimes I even hear Indian classical music.

    One thing you want to change about yourself: Nothing.

    Favourite TV show: Modern Family.

    Favourite Bollywood actor: Salman Khan.

    Favourite Bollywood actress: Shilpa Shetty.

    Favourite Hollywood actor: Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.

    Favourite Hollywood actress: Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox.

    Favourite cartoon character: Superman.

    Last movie you watched: From my house collection the last movie I
    saw was 500 Days of Summer.

    Last time you boarded a local train: It was in 2010 when I lost my wallet. So never thought of boarding it again.

    Last time you were stalked: Never.

    Last time you cried on screen: In my serial Navya.

    Last time you cried off screen: Men should not cry, but sometimes I cry when Iím alone. It helps me to lighten up and heal my emotions.

    Last time you cooked: Whenever I get time.

    Philosophy of life: Live life to its fullest. If you have a
    moment, then live it, travel, do whatever you desire and donít get too busy that you forget living.

    Advice to youngsters: Listen to your parents, just think before you do anything



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