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    Default A possession of celebs which can't be sold even for a million dollars!

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    Celebs hypnotized by their possession which cant be sold ever...

    Possession is in reality the same as hypnosis. People get hypnotized by things or people they love and like, and eventually it turns out to be their possession which is difficult to live without and stands the first priority in their life which they can't sell even if given with a million dollar.Here we have got some telly celebs with their favorite possession in life.

    Kinshuk Mahajan: I won't ever sell my small 'Mandir' which is at my home even if I get a million or billion dollars.

    Vishal Singh: Million dollars can't equate to my possessiveness for my family people and my self respect. In fact no money value or thing can equal to it.

    Mitali Nag:
    I am still waiting for such possession for which I can leave a million dollar(laughs).

    Giaa Manek:
    I can never ever sell my 'Mothers unconditional love' even if someone gives me any amount of money.

    Ragini Khanna: One million dollar is more important to any possessiveness for the thing I have(laughs). I'll prefer money because I don't have any such possession.

    Jay Bhanushali: My possession for my wife 'Mahie' can't equal a million dollars.

    Sukirti Kandpal: The thing that I wouldn't sell for a million dollars is surely got to be the 'Bowl' which was given to my mom by Neem Karoli Baba of Kainchi temple in Uttaranchal. It is very precious to our entire family



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