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    Default "My nickname is Jinnie": Karan Wahi

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    Entertaining the audiences with his superior acting skills in popular shows like Dill Mill Gayye, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge and then showcasing his spectacular dancing skills in Jhalak, Karan Wahi has been a heartthrob. We gets candid with Karan Wahi

    What is your nickname?

    Not many people know this, but my actual nickname is Jinnie.

    Winning or loosing?

    Winning and loosing both has its own fun, no one wants to loose, but you win some and you loose some.

    Love Or Friendship?

    Friendship any day.

    Your favourite/memorable possession in your room?

    It has to be all the beautiful gifts given by my fans. I have an entire cupboard dedicated to them.

    What's the first word in your mind when I say

    - Bipasha Basu? Hot
    - Salman Khan? Inspiration
    - Winter? Love it
    - Best Friend? Bhave, my childhood friend

    What would your idea of a perfect Saturday be?

    Well all days are the same for me, and I am not a Saturday clubbing person. So I guess it depends on my mood, what I do on a Saturday.

    If you had a whole day off, what would you want to do?

    If I had an entire day to myself, I would pamper myself which technically I do even if I don't have a day off, so basically I am the same always.

    Who do you admire the most in life?

    Well if its about me, then I admire the fact of accomplishing all the goals I had set for myself till now. But otherwise I have always admired the hard work my parents have put in their life and their idea of always being content with life in general.

    Which is the favourite occasion of the year for you?

    It has to be my birthday because firstly I get all the attention on this day and secondly it is the day of the year when I can meet all my fans too.

    Recently it was announced that TRP wont be calculated for any show until December, how do you feel about it?

    I am super happy about this no TRP announcement, because I guess finally there will be a time frame where everyone will be creative without focusing on numbers. I hope it brings out the best out of Television, because now there wont be any competition to stay ahead by hook or by crook. People can try different things and be innovative.



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