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    Default My mom's my best friend: TV stars

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    We make a lot of friends in one lifetime. Some of which stay while the others go separate ways, however, the first friends that we ever make on this planet are our parents. They are the ones who teach us to walk, talk and also how to make more friends. And folks…usually we all are very close to our sweet mommies. Hence, we caught up with some of your favourite TV actors who shared that their moms are their best friends.

    “My mom is my best friend and it has been like this ever since I was in school. I used to tell her everything from my crushes to my day-to-day happenings. But then I shifted to Delhi to attend college and it got difficult to share everything with her. Still, if I like some guy I call her up to inform her. At times she gets worried about the number of crushes I have (laughs) but then I like telling her everything”, said Kratika Sengar (Punar Vivah).

    TV heartthrob Kushal Tandon (Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain) is definitely surrounded by a lot of people but one person he pours his heart out to is his mother. “Both my parents understand me but I have always been very close to my mother. Every time I need something all I have to do is just get back to her. I tell her everything including the girls in my life.”

    The best part is that Kushal never has to call his mother as he shared, “She calls me all the time. So each time she makes a phone call I have to tell her what’s happening around me? (laughs).”

    Ashish Kapoor too shares a very friendly relationship with his mother. Stated Ashish: “She is my friend as I never call her mom. I always refer to her as ‘motu’ or ‘baby’. She does not stay in Mumbai hence whenever she comes down for a week or two; I take her out for movies, dinner and clubbing. We just make the best of our time together.”

    “Both my parents are my buddies and I never hide anything from them. But my mom’s the closest. They always know about everything that happens in my life. In fact, every time I would have fights with my friends I would go up to them and ask for suggestions. It is still like that,” said Disha Parmar.

    Finally, Angad Hasija shared, “My best friend is my mom. I tell her about everything that I do. In fact, I had also told her about the first time I had a drink (alcohol).”

    We wish these stars and TV buffs a very Happy Friendship Day!!



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