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    Who doesnít like to party? From the school and college-going crowd, to television artistes to film folks, everyone likes to let their hair down and enjoy their hearts out at a bash. For most of them, partying is kind of a stress buster, though their ways to revere are different.

    We talked to a few television artistes to know if they love to party or not and if yesÖwhich are their favorite destinations. Excerpts:

    Rithvik Dhanjani: I usually prefer a house party. But, from the last few months I am not getting time to revel much. Talking about Mumbaiís clubs, I like to party at Hype while in Dubai I like going to V lounge, 360 degree and Keva lounge. Though I donít drink and smoke, I love dancing.

    Kishwer Merchantt: I and Suyash (Kumar) are not clubbing kind of people. We like to watch movies or go out for a long drive. We would rather have a house party with a chill breezer and a hukkah. But in Mumbai, there is one place called ĎItís like Olivesí. It is a superb place to hangout. Other than Mumbai it has to be Bangkok and Goa where one will enjoy partying.

    Kushal Tandon: I used to party a lot when I was in LA (Los Angeles). I can say that once I was a hard core party animal, but now due to work and shooting I donít get time to party now. I prefer calling over my friends at home, chill around, sip on to a drink and have some nice time. Mumbai is not the same now; there are no good places as such. But yes, Goa is the place to party.

    Shilpa Anand: I usually like to party with my college colleagues and also those from the television industry; I party with Munisha (Khatwani) and Mouli (Ganguly) a lot. In Mumbai, I prefer going to Cafť Zoe and Air Bar. Other than Mumbai, I like to chill around in the shacks of Goa beaches, listen to live music with a glass of drink.

    Kunwar Amar: I am big time party animal but, nowadays, I donít have time for social life. Earlier, I used to party a lot with Shakti (Mohan) and Dharmesh (DID contestant). In Mumbai I like to party in the town area namely Blue Frog, Shiro, Hype and many more. Nor do I smoke and neither do I drink; the only thing I look out for is good Bollywood and hip-hop music. There are people who get enjoyment in drinking and getting high, but for me, enjoyment is in dancing.

    Kritika Kamra: I am a big time party animal. In Mumbai, I like to party in Or-g; thatís my favourite joint. I even like Olives Bar. If I have to chill around with a bunch of my friends, I prefer going to The Little Door. But nothing can beat Goa; it is a capital of partying. Goa gives you the best of music, booze and you get to meet different types of people. Then, in Delhi also I have got many friends with whom I usually have a house party. From the television industry, I hang out with people like Karan Wahi, Additi Gupta, Sharad Kelkar, Vishal Malhotra among others.

    Karan Kundra: I like to party only in Delhi. I have got many friends over there and itís always great to party in that city. Lap and Buddha Bar are two of my favourite joints up there. London and Toronto are also the best cities to party.

    Shaleen Malhotra: Who doesnít like to party? But now due to shoots, I hardly get time to party. Back in time, I used to party like crazy. Being a Delhite, I like to party in Delhi clubs like Lap and F Bar & Lounge wherein in Mumbai, I usually go to Olives, Royalty and WTF. In Kolkata I like Underground and Tantra. And of course Goa, it is the best place to party and chill around with your friends. Well, from the television industry, I hang out with Karan Wahi, Sahil Anand and Vishal Karwal who is currently partying in the Bigg Boss house.



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