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    Default Marriage is eternal bliss: Siddharth Kannan

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    Siddharth Kannan is a talented man. He is a RJ and also an actor. We decided to chat with him for a small interview. Read onÖ

    I am: Siddharth Kannan.

    Life is: Itís a roller coaster ride with full of adventure.

    Love is: Love is life, paradise and one canít do without it.

    Marriage is: Itís an eternal bliss; itís sacred, permanent, and definitely better than bachelorhood.

    Your first crush: My class teacher. I did propose her and she asked me to get out of the class (laughs).

    Your dream date: She should be intelligent, like a Barbie doll, soft and gentle, homely, loveable and I shall cook for her and feed her. She should be a girl who can move the world for me.

    Your best childhood memory: Playing tennis with friends.

    Your long lasting friend: I would like my girlfriend to be
    like Jignesh Joshi (laughs). He is very caring and gentle and is seen in Mrs
    Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein.

    Music you like: All kinds of music.

    On your last birthday: I was with my friends.

    Favourite Bollywood actor: Amitabh Bachchan.

    Favourite Bollywood actress: Sridevi.

    Favourite Hollywood actress: Monica Belluci.

    Last time you were stalked: When I was in the 8th standard
    and I started crying as the girl was following me. Now Jignesh Joshi stalks
    me (laughs).

    Your favourite cartoon character: I like all cartoons.

    Last time you cooked: I hardly cook.



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