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    Default Of love, roses and more love from the television stars

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    Television celebs talk about their thoughts on this Valentines Day...

    Valentines Day is a day dedicated to the most special people of your life. Buying the most expensive gifts or baking a small cup cake for them, ways to express it can vary. We spoke to some of our beautiful television celebrities to take a sneak peek into their way of celebrating the day!

    Here is what they had to say...

    Siddharth Shukla: I associate Valentines Day as the day to be celebrated with all my loved ones. It is a perfect occasion to acknowledge their presence in your life. A day to express how much you cherish each and every moment spent with them. To relive and create new memories and I truly believe in the magic of Love.

    Pratyusha Bannerjee: It is not easy to comprehend the meaning of love. I believe love has many shades and dimensions. For me, Valentines day is spending the day with the exceptional someone in your life. It doesn't specifically have to be your lover, it can be your friend or even sibling. This valentines day I will spend it with my friends and family as I love them the most.

    Kunal Karan Kapoor: They say "Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart". On this valentines day express your deepest love for the special someone. Shower them with gifts and surprises and make this day special for them.

    Aakanksha Singh: I don't think we need a specific day to express our love to someone but Valentines day holds a special charm. While for some it is spending time with their partners, for others it is spending the day with their family and friends. Wishing all my fans a very happy Valentines Day.

    Drashti Dhami: Valentines day is spending your day with your special someone but it is not necessary that it may be your lover. It can be your gang of girls, your best friend or even sibling. This Valentines day I am shooting for Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, so don't have much time but I am planning for a quiet dinner with my friends. Wishing all my fans a happy Valentines day.

    Shoaib Ibrahim: There have been so many words that have been written spoken and sung specially for this day as the celebration of love. It is definitely a great feeling of spending your day with your beloved ones and enjoy their presence. I wish all my fans a very pleasing Valentines day.

    Jay Soni: For me this day is about expressing your love, warmth and care for that special someone. So if you love someone make sure it is the most wonderful day for him/her. Surprise them with something which they will cherish for their lifetime.

    Sreejita De: For me the most important thing is to spread a smile on a person's face. Valentines is just another day when we get the chance to make people feel a little more special than usual. So this Valentines day I will make it a point to celebrate it with my family and close friends.

    Tina Dutta: It amazing to watch people around you celebrate this day and doing little things to make each other happy. You come across lovely things like cakes, balloons, beautiful decors that warm your heart and remind you about the season of love. I hope to plan something interesting with my friends and celebrate this day.

    We wish all a very Happy Valentines Day!



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