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    Default "Let me live like an actor and die like one too": Sameer D

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    Sameer Dharmadhikari, an actor who has entertained you on the big as well as small screen talks to us about his shows, future plans and life...

    When can fans expect to see you back on screen again?

    In a month's time, I am in the process of meeting with people. So it should be soon.

    at are you doing these days?

    I have been swimming, traveling, doing sport activities and spending time with my family.

    Audience loved you in Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli and even appreciated your and Namrata Thapa's chemistry in the show. Please comment.

    You don't have to build the chemistry, it just happens. This happened for us when we started
    shooting. We both shared great chemistry and it was fun.

    Of all the characters you've played, Siddharth, Maharaja Gangadhar Rao and Raj, which character is the closest to your heart and why?

    Each and every character that I played had a different shade to it. That was the prime reason for me to put my soul into each one of them. Siddharth had his own flavor of being a dad while Maharaja or even Raj for that matter was altogether different. It was difficult to play these different characters, however if I had to choose one then it would be that of Maharaja. Maharaja was larger than life and hence very close to my heart.

    Do you think luck plays an important part in getting an opportunity?

    Yes, luck is always with you.

    Any phobia you have?

    One phobia that I have is during the wedding season people force you to eat "Beta Khalo, itne patle ho gaye ho", This is by far the strongest phobia I have.

    Your favorite onscreen show at the moment?

    I have not been following anything on a regular basis as I have been traveling a lot. I have liked some shows on Zee TV and also enjoyed Fear Factor.

    You celebrated your birthday last month and your fans have been trying to send out messages for you.What would you have to say to them?

    I have this bad habit of forgetting my birthday and not celebrating it. In fact my mom is the one who reminds me a day before my birthday. So it is a big thing for me if my fans remember by birthday and send me wishes for the day too.
    I'd like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

    If you were offered a reality show, would you accept it?

    If a reality show where I don't have to expose or I don't have to disclose my personal life is offered to me thenI would accept it for sure. I am an actor so let me live as an actor and die like one too.



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