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    Default Always listen to your parents for they are you well-wishers: Manas Shah

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    Manas Shah, known to have essayed the character of Ketan in Hamari Devrani, is a simple and honest guy, who believes in following his only passion in life…which is acting.

    In a candid talk with us, he gives an insight into his beliefs. Excerpts…

    I am: Very simple and honest person.

    Life is: Beautiful, so please keep your eyes wide open to enjoy every bit of it.

    Love is: Vey important part of life but definitely not heart of life.

    Marriage is: An important stepping stone in life.

    Your first crush: Was in school.

    Your dream date: Katrina Kaif.

    Your best childhood memory: I still remember when I was eight, once while I was sleepwalking, I jumped off the window of our flat from the first floor.

    On your last birthday: I didn’t throw any party nor had drinks, just spent the whole day with my few friends. But as a normal ritual, did make it a point to meet my parents in Ahmedabad.

    How many places have you lived in: My hometown Ahmedabad, America and Mumbai.

    Your long-lasting friend: Sawan and Manish my school buddies.

    Do you make friends easily: No.

    Music you like: Bollywood numbers.

    One thing you want to change about yourself: I think a lot
    and at times it makes things more complicated to decide.

    Favourite TV show: Nach Baliye.

    Favourite Bollywood actor: Amitabh Bachchan.

    Favourite Bollywood actress: Katrina Kaif.

    Favourite Hollywood actor: Leonardo Dicaprio.

    Favourite Hollywood actress: Kate Winslet.

    Favourite cartoon character: Chhota Bheem.

    Last movie you watched: Dabangg 2.

    Last time you boarded a local train: December, last year (2012).

    Last time you were stalked: Never.

    Last time you cried on screen: Not yet.

    Last time you cried off screen: At times when I am alone.

    Last time you cooked: Anytime when I get time because I love cooking.

    Philosophy of life: It’s full of masti but, you can’t let everything go in masti, because you never know when life will stop loving you.

    Advice to youngsters: Be serious with your passion and work hard to achieve them, listen to your parents because they are you well-wishers.



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