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    ‘I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it.’ Seth mourns (Nicolas Cage) says these lines for Maggie (Meg Ryan) in the movie City Of Angles. This is so very true in a lot of love stories. So, if you’re in love and are planning to make the first move of kissing your partner these are a few points you must follow. And who better than your favourite TV stars to act as a guide in kissing…here are some tips from them…

    Ragini Khanna: Kiss only when you’re in love. And if it’s your first kiss just remember that it will set a benchmark. So no bad breath at all as it is a big time turn off. Also make sure that the hygiene is in place, rest will automatically fall in place.

    Raj Singh Arora: The kiss has to taste nice or else she/he is not worth it. Secondly, the person should not be suffering from body odour. One shouldn’t be too drunk while kissing someone. As far as the kissing pattern is concerned, one must go from the lower lip to the upper as mentioned in Kama Sutra. Lastly, all the girls who need training in kissing can come to me. I have opened ‘Raj kissing classes’. Come join me and become a pro in two days (laughs).

    Yashashri Masurkar: A kiss is a moment to cherish so it has to be soft and heart touching. Taking about the kissing style, I think one must go for lower lips.

    Mohit Malhotra: Always carry a mint as bad breath is something that can turn one off completely, so that should be taken care off. Next just be gentle and avoid being too eager. Things will go well and one must go for upper lip kiss.

    Sargun Mehta: Always carry a mint or a gum. The best person who can teach you to kiss is Sunny Leone, and if you are not her fan, then do watch a lot of Emraan Hashmi movies. And before you kiss your partner see there are no knives and hammers around for if you make a mistake you might get one on you (laughs). Furthermore, in case, you want your partner to kiss you (for all the girls) make a gesture by biting your lower lip, in case he does not get it even then, wink at him, if he still doesn’t get it… slap him.

    Kunwar Amar: Before kissing someone try and understand if that person is ready for it. Best way to find out is by reading a person’s eyes. If the person is ready then the next thing is to check your breath. If you usually have a bad breath carry a mouth spray or mint. And if you have a bad body odour just stay away from your partner or you might get pushed. That is why carrying a body deo or wearing a perfume is very important. And when you kiss make it a point to kiss in places where he/she would feel special. This can be forehead, palm or eyes.

    Sara Khan: I think one must go for soft-soft lower lip kiss initially and just peep in between to see your partner’s reaction. If you realize he / she is enjoying it… go harder. And if he/she does not enjoy… bite on the lips (giggles).

    Arjun Bijlani: The basic oral hygiene is very important and you will not achieve it by popping a mint. One has to work towards it daily by keeping ones mouth clean. And if you know that will be getting in action mode do not have food with strong odour like onion or garlic. Next keep in mind the likability factor. If she likes you be gentle and soft in your approach don’t try pushing or forcing yourself on to her. Your kiss tells your partner if it’s a passionate one or one with lust… so be careful with it.



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