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    Default KSG fans miss him on-screen

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    Karan Singh Grover (KSG), who rose to fame with Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye, has come a long way as a performer.

    But on his way to stardom, he has always stayed connected to his fans. Hence, when we decided to write an article on KSG’s popularity and if he is being missed on-screen, we felt that the best people to ask about this would undoubtedly be his fans.

    Hence, we got in touch with the KSG fans through our Facebook account to know what they like best about their favourite romantic hero on-screen. And, as assured by us, the best answers are here…

    Wrote Vinal Ksgian Kryanian, “We do miss him! It’s hard to put into words to describe the extent to which we miss him! He is perfect. Perfect looks, can carry off everything so well and oh he has a cute smile that just adds to his persona! He was born to be an actor!

    He emotes every expression so well and has the ability to make one cry, laugh, smile all in a minutes time. And the main reason why we love him is the fact that he is an extremely down-to-earth person. Good Looks, awesome acting talent, attractive personality, all rolled up into one package is Karan Singh Grover. I love him.”

    Neeti had written a lot of things about Karan, but we picked up the best from her write up that goes as under. “He is just like a magician who makes people fall in love with him coz of his amazing acting skills, sexy physique, cute dimples, irresistible tattoos, his down-to- earth attitude and almost everything.”

    This romantic hero has had a lot of flings as well as a failed marriage to Shraddha Nigam. However, his fans like looking at the brighter side of his life. Hence we picked up what Ashna Jain had to say about Jennifer Winget and Karan coming together. “What I love in him is that he got married to Jennie. They are the most romantic couple.”

    Ankita Kumar seemed completely in love with everything about this actor. As she went on-and-on about him, we picked up just a little bit of it which follows, “I think his body killed us and his smile is superb. Karan is a perfect man, he has everything to please the women (charm, sexy physique, cute dimples, irresistible tattoos and most importantly his charming eyes). And the most important thing is that he has a golden heart. To me, he is a superstar. I love him very very much and wish him best of luck for his new life with Jennifer.”

    There are a lot of other comments in which KSG fans thank him for doing Teri Meri Love Stories on Star Plus. While a lot of them have written that they miss him, there are a few others who want to see him with Shilpa Anand once again. But since we had to fit it all in one article we had to just select a few. But, the others shouldn’t be disappointed we are sure your love has reached the star.

    We just hope Karan is reading this!!!



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