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    Default Kareena Kapoor congratulated me after watching Student Of The Year: Sahil Anand

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    Many TV actors try to make it big in the celluloid space, but only few succeed. One of the lucky ones is Roadies 4 contestant Sahil Anand. This Chandigarh ka munda has just made a great impact in the super hit Karan Johar film Student Of The Year.

    “Many people had scared me that don’t talk much about your Jeet Khurana character for you never know how much portion will be chopped off at the edit table. But I was very lucky that most of my scenes were retained.”

    Talking about changes in his life since the release, he says, “When I went to the first screening nobody recognized me but when the show got over, several film biggies (Mahesh Bhatt, Yash Chopra) congratulated me. I also received a call from Kareena Kapoor. It is a matter of great pride that you receive kudos from those very people whose work you grown up watching. I had also seen adulation post Roadies but this is something else. For the first day my phone just did not stop ringing.”

    How did you prepare for your dumb Jat character? “I picked up the mannerisms from many of my friends back home.” Ask him about the total change in his character in the end and he reveals? “I was always finishing in the bottom of my engineering class and hence had to face lots of social rebuke. I just thought about those days when I had to enact that scene.” Looking ahead Sahil says that “he is now looking for lead roles in films as he can’t do anything ordinary after such a great debut.”

    “One more reason I am ready to wait is that if I take more character roles, I might not be second time lucky at the edit table.”

    In the mean time, Sahil is open to hosting reality shows on TV. “I like anchoring and main thing is that it will not mar my filmy chances. Even Ayushman Khurana has done it well.”

    Sahil does not degrade the small screen space once tasting success on big screen. “It was only because of Roadies that I am here.“

    Well…have a great career ahead…Sahil!!!



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