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    Default Karan Wahi shares his "eight year long" journey in Mumbai with us

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    The chocolate boy of Indian television industry Karan Wahi completes eight years in the city of dreams, Mumbai today (30 June 2012).

    The actor had come to Mumbai eight years ago on this date on the insistence of Shrishti Arya and Goldie Behl (producers of Rose Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd.). They are the people he is closest to in the city. It’s been a long yet beautiful journey in Mumbai for this cool lad who has faced a lot of ups and downs. But even today, with all his heart, the star wants to continue his journey in this city of dreams.

    “It’s been a long journey, yet it feels like yesterday. I have had a lot of fun, struggle and also stardom. There have been highs and lows but on the whole, I see this as a nice journey. There have been times in my life, like that of others, where everybody has wanted to have a piece of me and it’s been hard to be around but the very next moment I have had nothing to do”, says the actor with a smile that makes one feel he is reliving every minute in his thoughts as he says them out loud. “I have made a lot of friends in this city and I completely feel blessed that way.”

    “Apart from this, one thing that makes me very happy is the fact that people known me by my real name” he adds.

    This artiste who is wanted by well-known production houses became an actor by chance as he says, “I never had the intention of getting into acting when I was back home in Delhi. However, that’s when I met Shrishti di for the first time when she asked me to come for the auditions. Back then, I didn’t know how the auditions would be conducted; hence when I reached the studio and I saw around 500 people standing in a row, I got dam irritated mostly because I was last in the line. But as soon as Shrishti di saw me in the queue, she took me with her. There were people who were leaving the auditions in 5-10 minutes but the interviewers spoke to me for two hours after which I knew I was in.”

    However, this artiste’s first day in metropolis was one of the worst experience, as he says, “I had never travelled alone before coming down to Mumbai as I was a protected child back home. Hence, when I got down at Mumbai and caught a rick to go to 10th road Juhu, I did not know what was happening exactly. Moreover, there was too much of traffic and it was pouring cats and dogs. It took me two hours to reach Shrishti di’s place. But trust me, in those two hours I hated this city the most. I was irritated with the roads, traffic and everything around. I really did not know what to do? I wanted to call my parents but that would have meant me going back home; hence I somehow reached Shrishti di’s place. And that very moment I felt so relieved to see a familiar face.”

    It wasn’t only the first night, as also the following six months of this actor’s stay in the city were not that happening, as he goes on, “The first six months were bad. I couldn’t adapt to the city be it the food, the roads, the traffic or the Mumbaikars hatred towards Delhites. In fact, I had thought that I’d go back home in a year’s time but am still here alive and kicking. I think that the first six months are difficult for anybody as after that you get used to the city. I have a slogan for this that goes like ‘maut aur Mumbai se koi wapas nahi ja sakta’. There is something about the city that doesn’t let you go away.”

    Talking about his career graph and the responsibility that follows, Karan says, “When I joined the industry, I had replaced somebody’s popularity and grabbed the fan following. Similarly someday, someone will take my place.
    Hence the catch here is how long can you make other people love you. Hence from here, I will have to be on my toes all the time.”

    He continues, “I want to thank my fans for being with me ever since I started my career in Remix. Even today when I walk on the roads people call me Ranveer, which is nice yet scary as at times you wonder whether they have seen my new show.”

    After a pause, he adds, “I keep reading all possible messages my fans send me on Twitter and Facebook as it makes me feel good and motivated to do better work. There are times when I feel that I should go back home but then my fans keep me going. Hence I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for everything that they have done for me in these years.”

    So where is the party tonight? “I have partied all this while so it’s time to work now. Hence, I am working today.”



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