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    Default What irritates our telly stars?

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    We tries to find out the habits which irritates our telly stars!

    There is one thing or the other, which irritates us. Our Telly stars are no different and get irritated as well. Let's find out that what irks our Telly stars….

    Kinshuk Mahajan: I get irritated with the word 'confusion'. I don't understand the agenda of people who get confused. Every situation is to be understood in depth so that confusion doesn't survive!

    Vishal Singh: I get irritated when people lie unnecessarily. I hate liars!

    Mitali Nag: BBM(Blackberry Messenger) irritates me a lot. All the time people just keep 'pinging' you, which I hate the most!

    Sukirti Kandpal: People who keep biting their nails irritates me. Even when I see kids biting nails I don't like it!

    Jay Soni: The habit that irritates me the most is when I see people scratching. It is a very annoying habit, and especially one should not do it in public!

    Krystle Dsouza: It irritates me the most when relatives who meet you after a long period of time say- 'oh she has grown up so much'.



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