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    Default Interview: Vivan Bhatena Speaks On New TV Show, Films, Etc

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    We in talks with actor Vivan Bhatena...

    Your appearance on TV was last year in Sanskaar Laxmi, why have you been missing for so long?

    Sanskaar Laxmi was a huge disappointment for me! Though the show had the right mix of actors and writers, unfortunately a family show was turned into a love story. I don't plan on making the same mistake again! I have also come to realize how little time I had given to my family in the past few years and its important to live life rather than just watch it go by. I am constantly meeting people for shows but its not on my list of priorities as I have prioritized my family. I like to spend time playing volleyball with my friends and love indulging in photography. I am helping shoot a music video for a friend, organizing and taking part in motor sports, writing scripts as well as going on a holiday once a month. Its peaceful!

    What are the kinds of roles that are you looking out for?

    I want to do something I haven't done before. It has to be something interesting as well as heartfelt. I have met Sunshine Productions recently who are working on a great concept and I might take that role up!

    What are some adjectives you would use to describe Vivan Bhatena in real life….

    Quiet, shy, reserved, almost antisocial, creative, loyal, and helpful.

    You have done 3 Bollywood movies yet none of them have been as leads. Why is that so?

    I wish I was a Vivan Kapoor or Khan as then it could have been easier. But since I am not related to any of them, I have had to put in my time and effort and prove to the industry on what I can do. I do have another strong character coming up in an upcoming film. Lets see where this road takes me! I am not afraid of hard work and am willing to be patient till the industry feels I am ready for bigger things!

    You have worked with Shah Rukh Khan, how was the experience?

    I have met and interviewed Shah Rukh besides having acted in a film with him and I must say he has a magnetic charm that is contagious. I become a fan after meeting him. He is so patient and king and really knows how to give respect to people. I t was a humbling experience!

    You have done films, TV, theatre, anchoring and music videos. Which medium have you enjoyed the most and why?

    I have and will continue to do things that the industry has to offer and I never hold back because every experience gives you growth and you meet great people. l love theatre though! There is no feeling like going onstage and watching the audience react to every word you say.

    Your fitness mantra? How do you keep your self fit?

    It keeps evolving! I basically only kill myself in the gym if I need it for a role etc. One doesn't need to always look like superman as it leads to injuries. In fact I have been battling a shoulder injury this year. I workout to strengthen my core and my legs and make sure that I remain flexible.

    Which was the most struggling part of your life?

    Life is a struggle and its no fun without the struggle. I guess the hardest part was the first year of marriage because I was working on two shows and it was very hard for my wife to cope up with my schedule.

    If got a chance would you take up reality shows like Jhalak Dhiklaja and Bigg Boss?

    I have been offered Bigg Boss many times but i don't like the idea of people using you as a lab rat to make money and laugh at you at the same time. Jhalak Dhiklaja is a nice concept but I suck at dancing (laughs)

    You are a married man, has that made big changes in your life?

    Yes I now appreciate the finer things in life and I am much nicer as a person. Also for me its easier to get through any situation because I always have a backup.

    Any messages to your fans?

    I am around and will be back soon. If not on TV soaps then definitely as an anchor and presenter and yes you will be seeing me in films as well.



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