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    Default 'I'm not a party animal' - Mohit Sehgal

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    We in talks with Mohit Sehgal a.k.a Samrat of 'Miley Jab Hum Tum'

    Mohit's portrayal of Samrat won him many fans all over and he is now all set to return to the small screen. He is very affable and answered all our questions with honesty…

    How did you embark on your acting journey?

    Journey was very difficult. I had no idea what Mumbai was and how I was going to survive. I did not know whom to meet and where to go. My parents reacted like any other parents and were apprehensive as they wanted me to join our family business. After much persuasion my father finally relented and gave me the permission and I promised to return in six months if acting did not work out. Thankfully it did !

    You have been on a hiatus. What have you been upto?

    I have been essentially reading scripts and looking for that elusive role. I have basically been looking to play a character that suits me. Things are now looking positive!

    There has been a lot of dilly dallying regarding your participation in the new show 'Khamoshiyan'. What is the latest news on that?

    I'm doing it now. There were a few issues that needed to be ironed out. We have managed to sort out things and it is now back on track.

    You have been in a steady relationship with Sanaya Irani. Has there been any insecurity?

    Never. We both know that this is our bread and butter. Acting is our profession. Of course we don't get to spend that much time together but then it is essential to have our priorities right. We try and catch up whenever we can.

    Is marriage on the cards?

    (Laughs!) Not at all! Sanaya is very busy with her show and now I'm going to be back on the small screen. It is time for both of us to concentrate on our careers.

    What is your dream role?

    I was very proud of the role in Miley Jab Hum Tum. Samrat managed to connect with the audience and that was my dream role. For an actor it is important to play challenging roles and push the acting limits.

    What are you like in real life?

    I'm a very homely person. I try and spend as much time as I can with my family. I'm not a party animal and I would not hit a discothque or a lounge every Saturday. I'm a very simple person.

    Tell us one trait of Sanaya's that irritates you.

    She can be very impatient. She gets irritated really quickly and you need to tell her to relax. It is not a major worry now as I now know to handle her.

    What is your dressing style?

    When I was in Delhi I would always be all spruced up and ready in t-shirts, denims and shoes. My parents would always wonder why I was ready even when sitting at home. Mumbai has been a complete 180 degree turn for me. People here have a much more relaxed sense of fashion and even I have started wearing slippers here.

    You have a massive fan following. Can you narrate some crazy fan encounter?

    There have been plenty. I was fairly new in the industry and I was with my stylist in Lokhandwala. This girl came from nowhere and held me in the middle of the road and she started crying. I was stunned and I was calling out to my stylist to help me out. It was pretty funny. It is overwhelming the love you receive from your fans.

    What would you want to change about yourself?

    My physique. It can be a lot better!



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