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    Default The ill effects of acting pill as told by the telly Celebs!

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    We gets in touch with your favourite stars to learn about the side effects of the acting profession

    Medicines have always alleviated pain but we are all well aware that overdose leads to ill-effects! Our television stars have embarked on the journey to live up to the expectations of the audience and find the journey quite grueling.

    Now when the actors have already swallowed the acting pill, what are the ill effects that plague them? Lets hear it from them only:

    Kritika Kamra: "There is a lot of mechanism that gets developed during the acting journey, and I fear of being mechanical and rehearsed! It is more important to be the real you when you are off sets! Acting is not to be followed always; a Real You is to be preferred!

    Vivian Dsena: "Some expressions take a lot of hardwork and efforts to come out with the perfect one! My Vampire character demanded a lot of hard work in my last done daily soap 'Pyaar ki ek kahani', but it wasn't appreciated by the audience and was tagged as a Dead Expression'At times it disappointing and it demotivates you!"

    Anas Rashid: "Audiences have always appreciated positive roles and also like them. If a person is playing a negative role he automatically becomes the bad man in real life too! At times people take the Reel character too seriously and confuse it with reality!"

    Gurmeet Choudhary: "The life after taking up acting and becoming a known actor changes -you have to become very conservative, each and every step you take you have to take very professional and cautious. Life before acting was very easy, without fear, and not having to worry about repercussions. An actor today has to maintain his image in the industry and also in front of the audience! More of a professional life to be maintained!"

    Ragini Khanna: "You always have to look good and stay fit as there is a lot of competition in the industry! And the saddest part is that you hardly get any time to holiday!"

    Giaa Manek: "There are a lot of things - Extremely long hours of working, too much work load, no time for yourself and also skin problems due to long hours of wearing makeup!"



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