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    Default You should ignore negative people and thoughts.: Chhavi Pandey.

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    We in talks with Chhavi Pandey..

    Chhavi Pandey the gorgeous lady who made her debut with Dhadkan an episodic of 'Teri Meri Love Stories', in conversation with us..

    Here is what she has to say...

    How has your journey been in this industry?
    It has been amazing. My first project, 'Teri Meri Love Stories' was superb. I got to learn a lot from it about acting as originally I am a singer and did not know much about the field. I was blessed to have got an opportunity to work with the Director and Producer of the show as they were very helpful and Karan Wahi was awesome to work with. It was my absolute pleasure to be a part of such a beautiful concept.

    Apart from acting what are your interests?
    Definitely singing. I have learnt classical singing and now practice it professionally too. In fact I was a semi finalist in India's Got Talent Season 1, wherein I would perform duets with my sister Rashmi Pandey. I sang all the songs in my show Dhadkan of Teri Meri Love Story.

    What does acting mean to you?
    It means a lot to me. Acting is also my passion.Though I started with singing I loved acting too. It inspired me to do better and work harder to make my way to the top in the industry. If you believe that you can do well in a particular field then you must always go ahead and push yourself (smiles). Hardwork, sincerity and liking for a particular facet always pays off in the end.

    A lesson that you have learnt in life?
    You should always think positively in life no matter what the situation be. If you have the positivity in you only then will everything be positive with you. You should ignore negative people and thoughts.

    The festival that you like the most and why?
    I love Holi as it is the festival of colors and oneness. Apart from Holi, I enjoy the festival of lights, Diwali too. Colours and Lights are a special combination of a bright life.

    A person who inspires you in your life and why?
    My mom inspires me the most in my life. I am very attached to her since she has always been a supportive pillar for me. A strong person who is always there with me in all the situations. She understands me and my capabilities too and has always motivated me to pursue what I love doing in my career.

    Any current projects in your hand?
    Well, I would not like to disclose anything currently since it wouldn't be the right time to do so (smiles).



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