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    Default Harsh Punishment for the rapists; Demands our T-Town!

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    The death of Delhi gang rape victim has shocked the nation.. Let’s see how our Telly stars react towards this…

    Sorry Damini we couldn't save you! Yes, the nation is feeling ashamed of what happened with this innocent girl. The girl, who was brutally raped few days ago, was juggling between life and death since that day.

    Today is very sad and a shameful day for our country, as she has left this world. This shouldn't been happened to anyone and we all are ashamed of it. Let's see what our Telly stars have to share about this:

    Shaleen Malhotra: It's a very shameful thing which has happened. We should be ashamed of calling ourselves a part of the civilized society. Civilization would have been much better than this, when this word would have been occurred. God bless her soul. She was not a victim but she was a fighter. We should carry forward the fight so that whatever has happened should never ever happen again. The people, who have done this, should be hanged till death. More shameful are the people, who knew about it but still didn't act. Harsh punishment should be given to all those idiots so that no one can ever think of doing such acts in future to anyone; not even in their dream.

    Shakti Mohan: It's a shameful act. India has now become absolutely unsafe for women. 70% of the men of our country possess the power to keep control on women, be it your father, brother or husband. Firstly, we can or should have by now changed the law and made rape a non bailable offence. We have the rights to choose our govt. but if these so called people in the govt. can't protect us, then we don't want our country to run by a govt. who sit idle when a girl is gang raped. It's been two weeks now and we are just sitting here and watching the drama. Sadly, we are controlled by lawmakers who are corrupt and have no values. I can only expect at this moment that these 6 men are publicly hung and this should happen to each and every criminal who assaults a women.

    Anas Rashid: It's a very shameful situation for our country. It's growing day by day. It's just like a brutal murder in terms of rape. I wish they would get such a punishment that it would be a lesson for all. Public has the authority punish such people themselves in Saudi Arabia. They must also be treated like this so that everyone should learn a lesson from this. The public should have been given the authority to punish those people.

    Pratyusha Banerjee: All I can say that change the law, change the rules. Even after the gang rape, the girl was almost killed by them and today she lost her breadth. They must be hanged till death or the best punishment for them would be they must be hand overed to the girls who have undergone through such situations and they should be given the authority to kill them, which they deserve to get.

    Eijaz Khan: The people, the politicians or the judges are sitting in their own safe houses and say this should be happen or this should not. I don't think we are educated to take decisions just like that only. I think, people with responsibility should take up the cause now.

    Nia Sharma: It's very sad to hear that she died even after being shifted to Singapore. I think that it was not one girl who has been the victim, but the whole nation has been in comma. I would like to share a real incident happened with me. Maximum of the people I know, have a plan to celebrate 31st Dec. in Goa and my mom is worried about my safety if I would go there. I have to insist her every time that I am fine here. I won't be going anywhere to celebrate 31st December because my mom will worry about my safety. It's a shameful act that in a democratic country like this, we girls can't even move freely. If these things happen to a girl, then she is blamed for wearing short clothes. Everyone has the right to move out freely. These people have done a very serious crime and they would not even find a place in hell. They must be hanged till death. I would like to say to all the girls that don't get frightened if someone tries to do such acts with you. Just shoot them even if someone gives a bad look to you.



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