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    Default Happy Birthday to Rajeev Bhardwaj... and his belle Shilpa

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    Now this is something interesting. When we called up Rajeev Bhardwaj to pass on birthday wishes, we heard a voice (female and a beautiful one) shouting from behind, “Mera bhi birthday hain.”

    Okay…now who was it? We prodded a lot and finally the handsome lad blurted out, “She is my girlfriend, Shilpa, and we share the same birth date (15 September 2012). She is not from the television industry.”

    So what’s the love story? “Well, we love each other and are planning to get married soon. But we are yet to receive our parents’ approval.”

    Coming back to the birthday, how are they both spending it? “I took her to shop for formal clothes and now it’s her turn to take me out on shopping. In the evening, I am planning to go out for dinner with my family.”

    Rajeev continued, “Well…we cut so many cakes together and it was great fun.”

    Have fun…Rajeev and Shilpa!!!



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